Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Liebster blog

Ahh we're so flattered and thankful that Cambria from Jupefashion has given us this award. Thanks so much! Check out her blog, it's absolutely lovely with great posts and adorable outfits. This award is actually for blogs with less than 200 followers, to appreciate and recognise them as well.

The rules are:
  1. Thank the Liebster who awarded it to me
  2. Link back to their blog
  3. Copy and Paste award on my blog 
  4. Reveal my top 5 Liebster blogs
  5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog
So without further ado, here are the five blogs! Pay them all a visit if you can, because they all deserve it and are definitely great blogs. :)

Love, Anna & Alvina

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Floral on floral

Alvina wears:

Floral vintage shirt
Cotton On dress
TEMT shorts
Simona Ricci sandals
Pinet handbag

Many believe that floral should not go with floral, but i actually quite enjoy the complications of where a gaze should be directed. Vintage shirts for the win! The one i’m wearing was only $4 and i love it because although the picture doesn’t really show it, it is a sheer shirt, delicate and well cut =)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My English Breakfast tea. I’ve been having a lot of it lately, it’s soothing and warm, and makes me feel calm inside.

 Loved the sponginess of the cake but there was a cinnamon version we tried earlier which was the sole reason we came. However we were devastated to hear it was no longer selling T_T!
 Unfortunately we were deceived by the glam “swiss ice-cream” imagery!!! Note to self: Do not fall for the luxury European marketing ploys.. This was WAY too sour for pleasure, my face literally screwed up like a pug after one spoonful.. This place is actually quite famous for their pastries and yoghurt ice-cream. I recommend the macarons here, they are actually quite tasty and the yoghurt ice cream is a delight =) but stay AWAY from the rip off small SOUR tasteless movenpick ice-cream!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Alvina wears:

Vintage scarf
Agent 99 striped tee
Jadore cardigan
Wrangler jeans
Hunter gumboots
Lovella ring
Forever New bag

Every time Anna & I meet, it has been rainy weather so once again i wear my trusty gumboots and wranglers… It was actually quite windy, so i wore my scarf as a headscarf. I felt that it achieved a mysterious element to my character lol. The headscarf has such an elegant history & it has been a fantasy since i was young to: ride in a bright red Ferrari, with a headscarf, classic black sunnies whilst sporting pouty red lips.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ice cream

Anna wears:

Marcs camel silk shirt
Kookai leather jacket
Marcs skirt
Miu Miu black bracelet
Inuiu white watch
Mimco bag
JASMIN brown flats

My outfit’s theme came from ice cream… covered in chocolate and caramel sauce. Haha not really, but it doesn’t seem too far off. The easiest way to style this skirt would probably be a black top (i’ve tried white, but it just looks too french maid-y), however that would be slightly boring, so what next? Camel of course! Actually it’s not quite an obvious choice, but because it goes well with the tan accessories, it turned out to be quite an okay one. I should definitely try out the black on black one day though, regardless of how boring it will be, since it’ll probably look effortlessly better.

The main attraction was supposed to be the twirling of the skirt, but my two second goldfish memory made me forget to take photos, hence the absence of any cool twirl n swirl action. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Anna wears:

Marcs floral shirt
Gorman cardigan
Marcs navy frill skirt
Diva peacock bracelet
Urge flats
Mimco bag

This outfit was making me feel overly conservative, with the moderate length skirt, buttoned up shirt, long cardigan, etc. Quite appropriate for study mode, or even as a librarian haha. Sometimes I like dressing down, as I do dressing up.

At the moment I’m going through a huge collar phase, especially peter pan collars. They’re absolutely adorable and add something extra to any old outfit. Being a fan of cute prints, I thought this top was a nice addition to my wardrobe.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Encasa is a beautiful restaurant; you pretty much always need a reservation to get a table. The food really is fantastic, and the atmosphere is cosy yet bubbly. We recommend it, definitely!

mMm No one can refuse a jug of sangria. Personally i prefer sangria to be a little bit on the sweet side, but this one was a little bitter rather than a refreshing hit.

This was pleasant, but not overwhelmingly amazing that I wanted to drink glass after glass of. I personally prefer the one from Winery but then again that one is more fruity and has less alcohol(?).

Gambas al Ajillo; Peeled king prawns in sizzling garlic oil and chilli

Prawns and garlic. Can anyone resist?

Patatas Bravas; Fried potato w/ garlic mayo and spicy tomato salsa

A MUST for anyone to get when they go to Encasa. It could not be any more perfect!
The potatoes were perfectly seasoned with a crispy texture.

Vieiras en Azafran; Scallops in the shell with saffron, shallots and cream

MmmMm this was delicious as well. The sauce was AMAZING. Wouldn’t mind having another one…or two…or three..again.

The cheese complements the chewiness of the scallops excellently and the fun part was to suck the left over cheese out of the shells. 

Paella Valenciana; Saffron rice with chicken and seafood

I have to say i’m not really that big of a fan of paella, although it could be considered as the highlight of the meal. I would much rather prefer to have more of the smaller tapas dishes, than fill up on this. Looks amazing though.

The burnt rice at the bottom was good, and the taste of the seafood did manage to absorb into the rice. I thought this was a perfect complementary dish for salty tapas. So i strongly recommend not to have this one on its own..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bright lights

Alvina wears:

BWN fedora
MNG summer dress
Modified denim vest
Vintage ring
So good necklace
Therapy ankle boots
Jacket from Korea 

A perfect summer night it was..it was a friday night so wore a dress with festive colours.. For that kind of late 60s hippy chic look i added the ruffly denim vest which was originally a jacket but turned into a vest. Something about the dress reminds me of the neon colours from city lights that i adore. I truly am one pure city girl…

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

It has become our tradition to head to the Winery every Christmas Eve. The atmosphere certainly did not change, with its lively friendly service and beautiful lush decor. You can check out our 2010 visit, here.

Rose Wine Sangria; Strawberry & lemon wedges, Creme de Fraise (strawberry), Bianco Italian Vermouth & lemonade

The sangria was bittersweet and delicious. It was highly appropriate for matching with the rose filled decor and garden party atmosphere.

Sangria is a wise choice when dining at the Winery, because it complements most meals and adds to the mood of the place.

Hand cut chips

I realised they changed the menu because last years fries were actually THIN. Being the queen of chips, i normally wolf down any chips but i do have a preference for thin crispy fries..which i missed.

Prawn & Avocado boats w/ Thousand Island Dressing

The mooshy texture of the avocado and squishy texture of the prawns, were strangely, quite harmonious. I thought the lettuce was TOO bitter and ruined it for me but everything else was tasty.

I was slightly disappointed in the service, because it took a good 15-20 mins after Alvina's dish for mine to come out, so I was completely ravenous and dug straight in, forgetting to take a photo! I ordered the spaghetti bolognese, which was pleasant but not outstanding. Again, the Winery is more appropriate for the atmosphere and drinks rather than actual meals.

Just beautiful, definitely suits any festive occasion and it was inspired by the garden from “Fantastic mr fox”.

Double choc brownie w/ fairy floss and ice cream

A nice finish to the meal, i enjoyed the soft fairy floss over the rich chocolate brownie.

We ordered this last year, and having had a good impression, decided to get it again. It was a good choice the second time also.

From a year back the area of Kings Cross did not change one bit and we shall return next christmas.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alvina: Top 10 2011 outfits

Happy New Year! What a year it was..i went through many phases with my hair as you can see. Here are my top ten snaps of the year~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anna: Top 10 2011 outfits

To start off the new year we thought we would do a recap of 2011 outfits. My favourite looks from the past year.


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