Saturday, July 30, 2011


It was a pleasant surprise that the queue despite appearing long did not take too long…There was an ambience of anticipation in the air, most likely to do with the fact that everyone was hungry and because Star City is quite a festive area for people who come to try their luck or just addicted (if you are call the hotline to quit!)

There definitely is a variety of food on offer, but I just don't think the food tastes that great, especially for the amount they charge. The food seems a little bland and I can find better tasting options elsewhere.

I do eat a lot of the prawns though. Not because I like them in particular, but because they don't require any extra flavour apart from the sauce. So a plate (or two) of prawns and i'm set.

I remain strong on my belief that women have a dessert chamber designated in their stomach, as I was amazed how much I could gorge down even after all the plates of food. Honestly, I cannot recall the tastes but it was pleasant at the time. The food overall typical yet pleasant buffet food. The prawns were a standout fresh and tasty.

 Camel & Royal Blue 

It was a lovely night, but i must warn you don’t stroll here on a Friday night. My friend and I once encountered waves of drunken sleezebags that howled at us like a pack of wolves..wait wolves are too much of a pretty description for them.

Garden Buffet
Star City
Level 1, 80 Pyrmont St
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone: 1800 700 700
Hours: Lunch; daily from 11.30am
Dinner; daily from 5pm

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grand entrance

RUBYWANG vintage coat
MIMIUS jacket
Temt cardigan
Ice white dress
Lollypop necklace from markets
De Lourve heels


Marcs shirt
Marcs pants
Gorman cardigan
Mimco heels
Marc Jacobs bag
Follie Folli charm wristlet
Marcs coat

Been lovin royal blue and camel together, reminded me of a certain chocolate brand…I think my body yearns for some sugar lately.. The fact that I am also wearing a lollipop necklace reinforces this desire.

Felt almost like a waiter with the black & white combo, but thankfully the heels and grey broke it up a bit. It's just so easy to wear white shirts because you can pretty much pair it with anything and it still won't look too bad :)

This scarf was hand knitted by my mum, thought it mixed well with the colour palette.

I don't wear these shoes as much as I should. When I first bought them I was over the moon because I had been eyeing them for weeks and was able to get them on sale. But after the novelty of owning them wore off, they became unloved and unworn :( Thus I must get into the habit of wearing them more often. Afterall they are pink and have bows on them, making them quite girly and pretty, which is definitely something I love!


Monday, July 25, 2011

One cafe

Well first of all I must emphasise the service here was absolutely astonishing, utterly RUDE & bled with unwelcoming tendencies (I was tempted to storm out & I am actually normally quite a patient good tempered girl! Which just says something). The other waiters were fine but just one person who didn’t wear the waiter uniform but anyway, I understand that it was busy but that doesn’t mean you can talk to the customer as if they wronged you in some way or persistantly asking for the menus back as if we are about to cause a terrorist attack. I will stop my rants but i suggest if you don’t want to risk your lovely brunch ruined by some #$%! then you do not come here =). Enough with my rant and to the chicken & mushroom crepe I ordered.

Chicken crepe $19.95; sauteed mushroom, crisp bacon, melted gorgonzola cheese
 As you can see from the picture, the crepe was almost burnt, some may argue that it’s more tasty that way but personally i prefer my crepe lightly panned with that buttery/egg flavour. The sauce was creamy and the mushrooms were pleasant however the dish was overwhelmed with just TOO much chunky DRY chicken. By the end i felt like my mouth ran a marathon. Overall, I will not come back here because i can find plenty of other cafes that are friendly and better in flavour.

C1 club sandwich $18.50; tomato, lettuce, chicken breast, bacon, egg, mayonnaise
 I have a not-so-secret love for club sandwiches. In my opinion, they're just so tasty even though they don't take too much time and effort to make. So I have to say that these, like most others, were tasty and pleasant to eat. Because of this reason my opinion of this place isn't as strong and clear as Alvina's, but I do definitely agree with the service (which was an absolute shocker). I mean I had always walked past this place thinking "Hmm this might be a nice place for lunch, I should try it out sometime", and to have my first encounter be one of dissatisfaction is definitely a huge let-down. I probably wouldn't go back either, regardless of the taste of the club sandwich, because even that can be found for a better price and taste at a cafe which we actually do frequent (which we should probably do a post about actually!).

C1 Cafe Brasserie Chatswood Chase
Ground Level, 345 Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone: (02) 9410 0700

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roses are red...

We had brunch, then wandered around the place aimlessly, taking photos of pretty things and anything else that caught our eye.

Marcs camel coat
Sportsgirl tunic
French Connection skirt
Urge flats
Mimco bag

Coco Rico leather biker jacket
Vintage lace top
Tartan scarf (ex tablecloth)
Happy Socks socks
Therapy boots
Forever New bag

What I do when I cannot be bothered to think of what to wear; chuck on a top and skirt, and cover up with the warmest coat as to not freeze to death. Speaking of which, it has been absolutely ridiculous the last few days. It feels like minus 5 degrees everytime I step outside, and it seems nothing I do can keep me warm.

This picture reminds me of a British telephone booth, and yes I am still attracted to the colour red as you can see. The tartan scarf was a tablecloth that I stole and turned into a scarf. Quite warm =).

I know they're not really roses, but we came across this tree with these beautiful flowers, and felt the need to take a photo because it went well with the redness of the bag!

I was subconsciously influenced by Balmain, with the black leather jacket & lace white dress with red lipstick. Quite a chilled look.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pizza Hut buffet

Pizza Hut buffet has been one of those places that have been with us since high school. We used to go there often, and still visit when we're in the mood for large portions at the affordable price of $19.95 (used to be cheaper although that was minus the drink). We ate more than what's shown (seven plates between us), but didn't post all of them because after a while it just gets messy and doesn't look as appealing.

I never actually go for the pizza. I have a slight obsession with the pasta for some reason, and my plates are pretty much pasta after pasta after pasta, with one or two slices of pizza and the other things like salad, chips, garlic bread, etc. But yumm, after looking through these photos, i'm craving the bolognese sauce and diluted raspberry fanta(?).

The pasta here is just delicious, it’s the tangy saucy meat ball filled sauce that wins my love. Cheesy pizza will always be tasty and by even my third plate I yearned for more (No I am not a pig but actually quite human).

I love the icecream here as well. It's so satisfying to be able to enjoy some of my favourite things, food-wise, at such a great price!

Pizza Hut
630 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9267 9065

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to stop yourself from making excessive purchases

Although the title suggests it, this post is not a manual on how to prevent purchases from occurring. However we have discovered a clever little trick which gives us another chance to stop ourselves before it is too late. When we wandered into Sportsgirl, the bright lighting and loud music seemed to hinder our decision making skills, because we wanted many things. Instead of recklessly making our 7th and 10th purchase for the year, we decided to think it through, and took a photo of ourselves with the items. Then we left the store. Afterwards, having looked at the photos, it almost felt like we already had them and our minds decided to accept this as the truth... which means, we didn't get them! Haha probably no big achievement, but with a limited number of purchases, we can't really go around buying whatever we fancy. The items are still nice though, there's no doubt about that.

I think I was mainly attracted to the hints of mustard in the coat, and then the perfect combination of the burgundy floppy hat with the red, brown, and yellow check coat. AND the maroon-brown ankle boots with mustard laces that I spotted at Gorman (which I also didn't get). I've been strong the past couple of weeks! I stopped myself from buying an Alannah Hill jumper (mainly because when I got to the store ONE day later, they had put it back on the floor and sold it although I had put it on hold the day before!) and cardigan (similar to the stripey one above except with dark pink, navy, and white stripes). I've been good :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

In a glass room..

Due to the hype of the newly built Sydney City Westfield, i had no idea of “The Strand Arcade’s” existence. I preferred it over the attention w###e Westfield because i felt it was more dedicated to fashion rather than a mass pseudo “up class” money making scheme, but that’s just me.

Gorman shirt
Bardot blazer
Marcs pants
Mimco scarf
Roberto del Carlo boots
Oroton bag

Ginnette woollen blazer
Vintage maxi dress
Just Jeans scarf
Vintage ankle boots
Escada handbag 

My chunky red knit scarf is serving me well. I love the colour, especially how it's not a block red, but rather has gold specks here and there.

Despite the fact that my facial expression does not look too pleased, it was quite a lovely day really. Well here I am, wearing the red blazer again, I’ve grown quite a friendship with its vibrance in this awful cold weather in Sydney. This could look borderline what Koreans call “ajumma” (old lady) but it was just too windy that day for me to care.

We sure love our red - the past few outfits have consisted of us both wearing the colour!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cafe it

We really like to frequent cafes, as it provides us with a comfortable place to eat, chat, and spend the day lounging around. We started the day together but actually split ways and then happened to meet again at night in a cafe! We are truly meant for each other haha :)

Also, Alvina's photo's are practically 'spot the difference' ones. As much as it doesn't seem like it, they really are two different photos.. we think...

Subtitled jacket
Sportsgirl beanie
Marcs sheer white shirt
Dotti skirt
Mimco bag
Peeptoe blue ring
Roberto del carlo suede ankle boots

Ginnette woollen blazer
Rodney Clark shirt
Wrangler jeans
De Lourve heels
Burberry bag

The sole reason for wearing the beanie was to cover my fringe (well flatten actually) because it had been cut recently and was ridiculously short. My dissatisfaction with fringe cuts usually occurs every single time, but this particular time was one of the worst as not only was it short, it was uneven too :(

This outfit was inspired by a British telephone booth and a soldier boy. It seems like the colours red blue and white are drilled into my head. BLOCK coloured heels are the way to go to pull off a simple but chic look! It may seem unnecessary and vain but I did have a fantasy of a block colour heel in each colour…call it what you may..but I call it self expression? (Please don’t laugh)

Our two phones with pink and blue covers! Haha see how much we love our favourite colours :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anna's purchase 8 & 9

Subtitled jacket
For lack of a better photo I had to use the one taken for the outfit which is also sort of like a preview to our next outfit post :) Anyway I have finally found a satisfactory khaki parka-like jacket which I've been searching for for about a year and a half!
Marcs dress
A nice wool dress to keep me warm in the colder months. It's the perfect length and really goes with just about anything. I have to say though, it is difficult to accessorize too much because I can't really wear a belt with it, so most of the time I just wear a necklace or ring to keep it simple.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blackbird cafe

For dessert we headed to Blackbird which is actually a cafe, cocktail bar, lounge, restaurant all in one. It had excellent ambience, mood and chic interior, making it just perfect for a place for girl talk and a night out.

The view is really nice, and the good thing is they don't hike up the prices and charge for the view as well. Affordable and tasty food.

We went on a Monday night which explains the absence of customers.

The interior design is aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Cake of the Day 7.50 with a regular coffee or tea

We ordered the cake of the day, which turned out to be lemon tart. Already it just looks appetising which is definitely a plus. The taste was pleasant, especially for someone like me who doesn't enjoy sweet food as much as most normal people.

As I am not normally a fan of lemon tart I expected the worst (usually sticky overly sour untasty) HOWEVER, got a pleasant soft subtle flavour that melted in my tongue excellently soothed with soft ice cream just put the cherry on top of the special atmosphere. Definitely was satisfied with our choice of place for dessert.

I cannot remember what this is for some reason...I suppose it has something to do with my lack of interest in coffees and teas, but my best guess would be a Mocha, because that is most likely what I would have chosen. Or Hot Chocolate. But this doesn't quite look like hot chocolate. It just tasted like the usual, nothing outstanding since I can't even remember what I drank.

Vienna coffee 4.20

Recommended for expresso lovers for a softer blend with the whipped cream.

Blackbird Cafe
Balcony level of Cockle Bay Wharf between the IMAX Theatre and Sydney Aquarium.
Phone: (02) 9283 7385


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