Thursday, February 28, 2013


Unfortunately we forgot to take a note of the restaurant's name, but it's a small Turkish place really close to the station!

I was excruciatingly hungry at the time of entry to this vibrantly decorated Turkish burger joint. Due to that fact, things were bound to taste more than satisfactory. I chose the chicken burger which was definitely a fail safe option... The soft bun melted into the juicy chicken pieces coated in a healthy amount of sweet chilli. There was a cheeky hint of chilli which accumulated into a kick to my tummy but it was all good nonetheless =D.

I loved this! The bread was very moist and delicious, and the dips were just divine. Hummus is always a winner so that was a given, but the chilli one was amazing. Very chilli indeed, but so worth it for the flavour <3

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yellow Vest

alvina wears

griffin silk vest
temt tank
red berry skirt
wittner suede ankle boots
lovella ring

The vest was actually worth in the $300 for its beautiful silk and embroidery but I bagged it for $25 at my good old local vintage store =) . It was also originally a mens vest but I hand stitched the waist so that it would sit on me yay =D For me, despite the fit of the garment, if i love the fabric i will just purchase it so i can just make alterations. Teehee hope you all had a nice week ! xoxo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Short hair

anna wears

marcs tee
forever new skirt
tony bianco boots
mimco bracelet
dotti hat
sportsgirl brooch

So this is my new haircut! It's pretty much only the length that's changed, but for me that was a big difference! I basically love hair that has soft curls or waves, and with my new short length I decided to add that element to it as well. Keeping it really simple on a hot Summer's day with a tee and skirt, but added the hat to make it more interesting =) Hope everyone's having a great week xoxo

Friday, February 15, 2013

Naked Pastels

alvina wears

two toned sheer silk georgette & jersey top made by self
woollen jersey tank made by self (worn underneath)
reversible skirt with silk georgette detail made by self
staccato calf skin ankle boots
sportsgirl bag
mazal ring

Don't you just love clothes that make you feel naked and free? =D The garments were fun to make but it is going to be hard to maintain because it's all hand wash/dry clean, so I better be careful not to stain them >_<.. Anyways Autumn is approaching in Sydney and I can't wait =) have a lovely weekend everyone xoxo

Monday, February 11, 2013

Vintage Classics

anna wears

vintage jacket
marcs blouse
zimmermann skirt
mimco bracelet
chanel ring
charlotte olympia flats

Sometimes all you really need is a preppy blouse, high waist skirt, and a classic boyfriend blazer, to get yourself a fail safe look. This jacket is a little big so it has quite a boxy fit, which makes it so easy to throw on over a rather fitted outfit. I have to say I have a huge love for all things blush, so really adore that the pale pink complements the ivory and gold quite well. Then I just had to add my kitty flats for that extra bit of character =p They really are the statement shoe, and I never fail to get compliments on them whenever I wear them! I still squeal a little when I see new season colours and textures show up, because they just work in so many ways.

This is actually the last set of photos with my old hair do, cause I went and got a huge chop straight after! It was kind of a shock at first, as it was noticeably shorter, but didn't take too long to get used to. I think hairdressers make it worse... they always ask me twice if I really want to cut so much, it's as if they think i'm making a huge mistake and want to indirectly let me know.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cyborg Girl

alvina wears

dion lee jacket
paper scissors tee
high waisted shorts from Korea
wittner platforms

"There is nothing about being female that naturally binds women together into a unified category" - Donna Haraway - Cyborg Manifesto


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