Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bows & Flowers

Anna wears:

Review dress
Miu Miu pumps
YSL ovale arty ring

One of my more girly outfits. Although my favourite colour is pink, I tend to wear darker colours or even just other similar colours, like red or orange. It does come down to the fact that I don't really have a significant amount of pink items in my closet, but also because I don't like overly girly outfits. But I do know when to embrace it and get my girly fix!

I've had this dress for a few months but wearing it for the first and only time this day so far. Hmm not an impressive result! I really feel like only a few items are on constant rotation in my closet, and there are a few neglected pieces there that just don't get to see any light. It makes me want to do a huge wardrobe cull and sell, donate, and throw away the things I don't wear often (regardless of how much I love them!). xo

Monday, March 26, 2012


Alvina wears:

Epoch wide brimmed hat
Collar cape made by sis
Metallicus tunic
SES black skirt
Stellino cuff
Oggi Domani satchel
Therapy ankle boots

I must admit, this is a very typical hipster look and even behind for hipster lol. I think I must of been feeling melancholy because i usually never wear dark grey/black tones… The wide brimmed black hat probably meant i wanted to cover up some deep dark secret.. But one thing i do like is the big pockets attached to the brick like texture on my tunic. Anyways i hope you all have a happy week =) xoxo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Double Take

Anna wears:

Bardot dress
One Teaspoon vest
French Connection hat
Sambag flats
Mulberry bag
Miu Miu bracelet

It was quite a surprise to see each other in leopard print because i've never seen Alvina's dress on her before, and also because I hardly ever wear mine! Nice surprise though. And it wasn't the first time that something like this has happened. Previously we've met up while we were both wearing knee high socks, and also wearing red as the main colour. Haha I suppose some days we just click and agree on everything.

This vest. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it...which was about three years ago(?) It has stud details on the shoulders as well, and I still love it all this time later. This is making me want to wear it tomorrow, but i'll see, it might be a bit cold.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Alvina wears:

GAP dress
SES cardigan
De Lourve heels
Bally rucksack
Lovella ring
Vintage watch

I strolled down Pitt St, which was filled with the ready-to-shop citizens of Sydney. I was in my GAP leopard print dress which was a gift from my cousins in Korea, who clearly forgot my age (the label said GAP KIDS LOL, but i fit and love it teehee!). As I continued this stroll to meet up with my partner in fashion crime, Anna, I noticed she was also wearing a leopard print dress and together we looked like teeny boppers who decided to purposely coordinate outfits LOL =). I think my outfit was subconsciously SLIGHTLY influenced by the lustrous green, tan & purple tones that Friday Giannini successfully incorporated in Gucci’s F11RTW collection (Although this outfit does not even compare to her creations!.. emphasis on SLIGHTLY). Anyways hope you are all having a nice week xoxo

Monday, March 19, 2012


Pepper Lunch is the perfect destination for a quick and easy meal, which you have to cook yourself (kind of). As you can see, depending on what you order (shown here is kimuchi beef), the ingredients are placed on this hot, sizzling plate, and you mix, add sauce (personal preference), and then dig in!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

There’s a fish tank on my body

Alvina wears:

Something Else - Ken Done fishy kaftan
Vintage lace jacket
Country Road patent leather bag
Lola black flats

The kaftan has a print by a great iconic artist named Ken Done. I fell in love with the little neon fishes and also the fact that it was a part of an artwork in itself. I didn’t have to think twice to purchase it because it gave me the impression of an artistic & cultural revival. The cut outs on the back stop me from sweating so i love it hahaha =). Hope you all have a nice sweat free week teehee! xoxo

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Anna wears:

Marcs playsuit
Mimco bag
Sambag flats
Folli Follie charm bracelet
Sportsgirl belt

This playsuit is seriously one of my favourite pieces in my closet. 100% silk and super duper comfy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alice in modernland

Alvina wears:

Jolie & Deen long sleeve dress
Nuu + Naan faux fur vest
Girlxpress wedges
Alvina necklace gift from friend~
Vintage Escada suede handbag
Forever New bangles

I think addition of fur can make someone appear;
a) A tacky “hoochie mama” who is a mob wife.
b) A chic classy girl (hopefully i appear to be this exhibit =D )
c) A cruel cruella who is cruel to animals (I am wearing faux fur so that is not me =D)

The colours of my outfit reminded me of Alice in Wonderland (which is my personal favourite tale of all time to this very day!!). I guess this could be a modern take of Alice, as we do live in an urban jungle wonderland after all….woOooo [insert trippy techno music]. Anyways hope you all enjoy hopefully a wonderland filled week =) xoxo 

Monday, March 5, 2012


The two entrees; (The menu on the website is different to the one at the restaurant, so it's slightly difficult to remember the names, but the first one is duck and sausage)

The tender ducks did succeed in making me hungrier as i longed for more succulent meat.

To me, they were both delicious, and a good start to the meal (almost better than the actual mains).

Herb baked leather jacket

This was absolutely divine. So soft and tender that it just melts in your mouth. The sauce complements the fish perfectly, and together this combination is a knock-out.

Roasted veal sirloin with mushroom puree, parsnip, upland cress and thyme jus

We were actually looking forward to the meat dishes the most, but overall they didn't meet the standards set by the fish dishes. So if you do ever visit, I strongly recommend one of the two fish plates.

This was my favourite dish of the night, the flavoured crispy skin texture combined with the tender fish was nicely complimented with the crunch of the tangy salad.

The meat was quite tender, well complimented with the bittersweet sauce but i have tasted better, and quite average for lamb chops at a fine dining restaurant.

Mushroom pearl barley, parsley, fondant leeks, crispy enoki mushrooms and carrot air

Interesting mash of flavours but nothing too distinct or memorable about this dish.

This was probably my least favourite, but mostly because it had no meat, so to me it didn't feel like it was worth the same price as all the others, especially if you're only choosing one option.


The Red Door, had quite a nice private, mystical yet strict ambience. As the name suggests, a bright red door greeted us at the entrance. Due to its steepness and well established appearance, I walked in with expectations of fine taste. Personally i was a little disappointed (this is what happens when you expect), as the atmosphere of overly hosh poshness failed to equate to the quality of the food. Perhaps if it was more friendly it would of made the "fine" dining experience more pleasant. Not to compare, but Anna and I had a great experience at Masterchef's George Calombaris's restaurant "The Press Club", it was quality food worth the price with very friendly service that topped up the experience. For this reason we may have felt a little alienation to be able to "connect" with the taste of the food.

Overall it was still a satisfying evening, although it probably didn't meet the standards set by the price and snobbery of the place. And don't worry, we didn't eat all this by ourselves. Not only would we have not fit it all in, but it would have been waaaay out of our budget! We went as a group of five, so we had the opportunity to order every one of the five main courses, thus were able to taste most of what they had to offer, rather than having to form an opinion based on one dish. Anyway the fish dishes are well deserving of the praise they received, so those are definitely recommended!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fade out

Anna wears:

Ladakh dress
Temt cardigan
Mollini heels
Diva ring
Mimco clip
Vintage Oroton bag

Re-visiting this alleyway almost a year later brought back memories of when we first went, and ran around all over the place (back then we had a really good camera), taking a million and one photos, then stopping awkwardly whenever someone walked past. Back then I loved my hair, and i'll finally be getting my hair cut on Sunday, so I can create the same look as before!

These shoes are one of my bargain buys from Melbourne. $40 to be exact. And I get so much wear out of them, they've already been well worth the price I paid for them. :)


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