Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green with envy

We weren't really envious of anyone or anything, it was rather to emphasize the green-ness that is our background, but come to think of it we have a lot of respect and perhaps a little jealousy towards people who are in jobs that they actually love and enjoy. Lately we've been having talks about our future, and what we really want to do in life, and it just seems the best way to go about it is to find your real passion and work hard to achieve your goal. Hopefully we will be able to go down this path of happiness and fulfillment, but for now here are our outfits!

Regatta Woollen Coat
Tokito blouse
Dotti Beret
TEMT shorts
Genie Lamp Necklace from Market
Oggi Domani Satchel
Therapy boots

Forever New jacket
Bardot leopard print dress
ZU lace up ankle boots
Mimco bag


Friday, June 24, 2011

Anna's purchase #7

Marcs top
My love for stripes continues hehe :)

I've been buying quite a bit lately, as this isn't the end of it, but still keeping things under control because I know i'll be tempted with all the sales at the end of the year. Anyway will update again soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

black & white

Apologies for the slow updates...again! These were taken quite a while ago, in May or April even, so that is why we could get away with wearing so little haha. We will be back on track starting...........NOW :)

TEMT blouse
Chicabooti strapped skirt
SES pullover

T by A. Wang sweater
Insight shorts
Alannah Hill necklace
Roberto Del Carlo boots
Oroton bag

This look is inspired by Blair Waldorf one of the distinct characters of “Gossip Girl”, her style is sassy and chic~ Also I realised I wear quite few things from TEMT because i used to work there which is the same company as Paper Scissors and Chicabooti but that was many years ago.

Ahh yes how nostalgic.

Warm sweater + comfy boots = my perfect autumn/winter combo!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Anna's purchase #6

I am a huge fan of ankle boots, HUGE fan, so i'm always on the lookout for any nice designs because I truly believe one can never have enough. Because I have a couple of heeled ones, I really wanted a flat pair, and it was actually a lot harder to come by than I thought. I saw heaps of people wearing them, but just never figured out where to go, and then I saw these at ZU! The only problem is, I can only wear them with tights, because when I try and wear them with jeans, the ends just stop above the boot and don't go in. I'm guessing the only way to fix this problem is if I get some skin tight jeans and tie the laces up a bit loosely. Until then i'll be wearing these with skirts, shorts, and mainly dresses.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anna's purchase #5

Marcs skirt

I figured I should just use the photo from the website, because at the rate i'm going, i'll never post my purchases lol. I bought it almost a month ago, and was attracted to the pretty jade colour. It's so eye-catching by itself that I don't really have to think of what to wear with it, just a simple top will do!

Net-a-porter has free shipping today for Vogue Fashion's Night In, and I have given in to temptation after resisting the last offer for free shipping which lasted quite a while from memory. Shall update soon once my purchase arrives! Oh and also after my other two purchases which I made a couple of weeks ago, but have been too busy/lazy to post.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alvina's purchase #6

 Woollen Blazer by Ginnette

 Yes i know i have got to stop with the red but i just cannot resist this colour of fiery passion lol.I'm in love with the clean cuts and how you can switch the buttoning to the other side. Will definitely pair this with cute pants and killer black, white or gold heels.


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