Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Eating at this place was sort of one of those curiousity driven encounters, because although it was suggested by one of Alvina's colleagues, we were just looking for anywhere to eat in Surry Hills and came across it. Not to pass up any opportunity to try a quirky, hidden little treasure, we entered the interesting restaurant with the even more interesting name, only to find it packed and busy with people.

I was generally quite satisfied with this place =) . Although I’m usually not a fan of woody interiors with densely packed people (as it tends to induce indigestion for me), the distinct tastes of each dish was enough to cover it up.

The lotus chips: Crispy, lightly flavoured and not too salty, it was the perfect snack to start teasing the belly and arousing the taste buds. I’m craving for more as I write this…

Duck pancakes: The pancakes were softly cooked which really complimented the saucy, tender flavoured duck. The sauce really made this dish for me as it added a bit of twang & juiciness to the soft textures.

The duck really was so just melts in your mouth.

Pork: All i can utter is *DROOOOOL*, the pork had a very savoury flavour and boasting with juices that melted in my mouth. Another drool factor was that it basically sliced itself as its tenderness enabled only a mere tip contact with the knife. Would definitely come back for this one.

Beef: I actually preferred Alvina's dish overall, but the sauce on mine was a tiny bit better, so I kept dipping the pork with my dish's Asian influenced sauce lol.

Banana pastry with ice-cream: I am worried about my keyboard as it is drenched in my drool.. This was one of my favourite desserts i ever tasted in my life! I think it had to do with the fact that for me, i had a very nostalgic connection with fried pastry & banana as a child. The crispy pastry perfectly blended with the sweetness of the warm banana, topped off with melted smooth ice-cream lavishing my mouth. (I sound like a bit of a drama queen but for me it was divine….)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Anna wears:

Stella polka dot top
Alannah Hill cardigan
Sportsgirl skirt
Mimco headband
Mulberry bag
YSL ring
Sportsgirl belt
Ferragamo heels

When I wore this outfit, my love for peter pan collars was alive and well, but since then it has died down a little. I still like them, and think they're cute, it's just the flaming obsession from before has subsided, purely because i'm seeing them EVERYWHERE. When something becomes commonplace, I guess it tends to lose the special factor that once made it loved and sought after. Other than that, I already have far too many peter pan collared tops and dresses, so they're bound to be worn every now and then!

Also, i'm super excited for Autumn/Winter because there are so many pretty coats, knits, gloves, boots, etc. out at the moment, and it just makes me want to layer up and up and up!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Variations of soft

Alvina wears:

Cue jacket
Pinkii mint maxi dress
Simona Ricci sandals
Oobi rosette
Lovisa ring
Peter Lang gold cuff

As universally known, pastel tones have a soothing effect on the eye, which i found with transparent mint & smooth nude. I love the soft cuts of the top, and the supple movement of the mint maxi dress. What type of softs do you relish?

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I didn't even know Star Bar sold food until recently, and since then i've been back a few times, because the food is affordable, filling, and quite tasty. I'm not one to be full on salad, but this one managed to do the trick, and for the price I paid it was a pretty good deal!

Pub food is always hearty so it never fails to satisfy my hunger. Compared to all the pubs i have visited in my life, this didn’t really stand out in terms of flavour. The chicken was saucy but it could of been a little more tender. There is nothing really i can say, it wasn’t nasty but it wasn’t outstanding. Star Bar is just a nice place to chill with your mates after work and fill up any hunger holes in the tummy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where is the romance?

Alvina wears:

Dotti beanie
Vintage dress (worn as a light jacket)
Collar cape made by sis
BWN tee
Blockout ruffle skirt
Lovella ring
Wittner platforms
Fossil bag

So it’s that time of the year again, THE set day for romantics to purchase some roses and chocolates to proclaim their affections. The bitter may say (I for instance ha!), that valentines day is merely inaugurated by the commercially driven & profit hungry. Anna and I decided to dress up in the theme of valentines, and I decided to wear what i thought was truly lacking in this world lately : ROMANTICISM. With all this modern, off to work/trashy clubbing/boring classy clubbing/hipster/lad/emo/urban/bogan..etc/ styles i thought it was time to spruce the street up with some frills, optimistic colours and a vintage dress worn in my way. Nonetheless i hope you all had a HAPPY VALENTINES <3 XOXO

Monday, February 13, 2012


Anna wears:

Witchery lace top
Sportsgirl skirt
Dotti belt
Mimco bracelet
YSL ring
Gingham & Heels jacket
Mimco bow heels

A bit of a Valentine's Day inspired outfit. Ultra girly, with lots of pinks, lace, and a head of wavy hair. I was originally going to go for a blatantly obvious choice of red and pink, but then decided soft, light and romantic was the way to go. Add a few trees adorned with pretty lights into the mix, and ta-da, my Valentine's day look is complete! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

mickey mouse & red+navy

Anna wears:

Marcs jacket
Mickey Mouse tee
Marcs maxi skirt
Marc Jacobs bag
Diva bracelet
Jasmin flats

I would have preferred to wear a simple character tee with the skirt, but the weather didn't allow it, so that's how the red and navy combo came about. It is seriously one of my favourite colour combinations, because they just always look good together. Again, I like to twirl around in anything that is long and flowy.

I kinda want short hair at the moment. Well, short-ish anyway. It's just so much easier to look after and takes less time washing/drying. Thinking of getting a haircut soon, but i'm still undecided about what to do with my fringe. Anyway... we shall see!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pinocchio’s Missus

Alvina wears:

PINZ Milano jacket
Lace top from Japan
Customised checked top
Vintage green suede skirt
French boots
Oggi Domani satchel
Pinocchio necklace

The forest green vintage suede skirt paired with the french boots reminded me of one of my favourite Disney characters, Pinocchio. Quite an iconic character he was in my childhood; a cute & lovable wooden puppet yearning to be human. Lately too many people express greatly how they long for their youth. Thus he dangles on my neck as a tribute to youth & freedom =) Lets really love life everyone ^_^

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To the Maxi

Anna wears:

Marcs jacket
Mulberry bag
Marcs maxi dress
Portmans, Miu Miu bracelets
Peeptoe ring
Diavolina sandals

As much as I think maxi dresses are an easy way to look good, this is actually the only one I own (apart from a maxi skirt in my possession). I was after a flowy one at first, as they’re more comfortable and easier to move around in, but then I adore the stripes on this one, and the colour pairing. It is figure hugging so food babies are inevitable. Which means I can’t pig out when I wear this dress!

Also my Mulberry Bayswater is finally making its debut on the blog in an outfit post, even though i’ve been carrying it around for at least a good two months now. It’s still on rotation with my other bags, but it is my go-to when i’m planning to carry a lot, or if i’m going for a classic look.


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