Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karlie Kloss

Another model we quite like! For us, reasons for liking a particular model has a lot to do with their own personal style (among other things), and Karlie Kloss just looks great in an effortless, classy sort of way. Looking at streetstyle photos really inspire us, and you can see why!

Source: Tumblr, Google

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We haven't gone anywhere to eat lately due to lack of funds, which is quite a shame since eating's one of the things we do best. We quite enjoy going to restaurants and then writing our opinions, so hopefully we'll be on track with food related posts soon! But in the meantime we have been diligent with outfit photos so for now that will have to do. Hope everyone had a great long weekend =)

Insight tee
Mother’s vintage dress
Stellino cuff
Scarf hanger I turned into bangle
Mozaic bangle from markets
Siren heels
Epoch wide brimmed hat

Agent ninetynine cardigan
French Kitty shirt
Bardot tee
Miss Shop shorts
Mimco bag
Zu boots
Nails are Ulta3 Tropez

 I just can’t stop myself from venturing into my mother’s closet. Why? I always find a nostalgic vintage look =)

I can't help but love outfits like this, where I wear pink, but in a subtle way so it's not too overboard. My nails, although more of a browny colour, happened to match my outfit this day.

As a child, I was always fond of art. This look reminds me of paintings, drawings, mosaics.

Here's Bambi wanting to be in the photo again =)

Always add a wide brimmed floppy hat for some mystery =)

The top was actually pale pink when I first bought it, but after several washes, has almost turned completely white. Not happy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Bardot tee
Bardot belt
Sportsgirl skirt
Louboutin shoes
LV bag
Mimco wristlet
Bardot blazer

Tony Bianco heels
Unknown Floral Dress from childhood
Sportsgirl lace headband
Temt lace jacket
Temt belt
Cuff bought from some store in Melbourne
Genie lamp necklace from markets  

Okay so the lace and floral is quite common but bright electric blue and green strike me as a hit with black lace and black suede heels, which were kindly given to me by Anna for my 21st present, which I am thankful for as they are just gorgeous !

The floral dress i actually wore since i was in primary school as a night gown to this very day when i thought it actually made a decent dress. We go way back, some things are just right in front of you =)

Wearing black hasn’t always been so commonplace for me. For a long time I was suffering from what I would call “Pink Syndrome”, where every outfit had to have some sort of pink in it. Oh dear, looking back on it it was quite embarrassing the lengths I would go to to show my love for the colour. But gradually I grew out of it and started wearing more colours. But never black. Well not never, but rarely would I wear it. Nowadays I can hardly live without it. I have realised that black just makes everything look pulled together and more sophisticated/classic. Haha I still love colours though. Don’t think that would ever go away!

They say simplicity is the hardest art to pull, but i do truly think that complicated on complicated is not too bad either.

Wearing a fair bit of Bardot this day. Didn’t really realise at the time though. I don’t usually like wearing head to toe of the same brand, but when I chuck things on without really thinking about it, these things happen..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring into Autumn

We've been having quite a few days of Spring weather lately here in Sydney, which means less layers and bare legs. But that doesn't mean we understand the people who walk around in just tank tops and shorts. It's a bit cold for that. After all we are in the midst of Autumn!

 I was inspired by a military look, crisp sleeves and cuts, with warm camel and khaki. I found this was a nice combination for autumn~
Stellino leather cuffed sheer shirt
Mother’s vintage jacket
Mother's vintage boots
Revenge horts
Hot Skies belt 

These were taken at my house, hence the appearance of my dogs here and there! I have three but one of them is shy so you can't see him anywhere. The other two are quite friendly! Anyway outfit details:
Gorman shirt
Valleygirl dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes
So Good flower bracelet
Alannah Hill headband

I realised I raid my mother’s wardrobe all the time in search for vintage goods. I succeeded with this khaki jacket and beige boots. The condition is getting VERY old now so i got to be careful.

I’m generally not a very out-there dresser, so this headband doesn’t get enough wear. Not saying it’s outrageous, but it does attract attention when there’s a huge bright bow on your head. For someone who loves colour I sure don’t like the attention that comes with it..

Carrying Bambi and Khunnie on the floor~

Up above are my two dogs! And here is Bambi once again whizzing pass me. She loves to be the centre of attention haha.

These boots are my favourite because they fit my legs perfectly, not too loose not too tight. I love the subtle tone to match with just about everything.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Out at sea

The title doesn't really have anything to do with the post, apart from a couple of photos with water in them haha. But the phrase just alludes to the feeling of freedom and adventure, and makes us want to embark on a journey (HSC English much), with not a care in the world!

Lulu & Rose dress
Chica Booti cardigan
Mimco ring
Mimco bag
Sambag flats
Portmans necklace
Folli Follie charm wristlet
Bardot belt
Nails are Ulta3 Hollywood

It was such a nice day, so felt like warm soft colours, camel, brown, teal and grey.

The dress is so short! It was one of those things where it looked perfectly fine in the fitting room, but then I bring it home and it just magically went shorter or something. But I mainly fell in love with the colour and just somehow thought it would be a perfect match with electric blue heels. And even as I thought this thought I knew I wouldn’t own such a pair in the new future so made a substitute with the shiny blue nails! Still haven’t withdrawn my original idea that peach & blue make a good pair.

Stellino leather cuffed sheer blouse
Mother’s vintage ankle boots
Sportsgirl woollen socks
Nuu + Naan fur vest
Litmus denim shorts

Forever New bag

After combining leopard print with red previously, my love for the animal print has not subsided. I bought this belt when I bought the leopard print dress, mainly to add to the amount to receive free shipping =D But it has actually been serving me well. In the past couple of weeks i’ve worn it about 4 times, and that for me is regular usage.

Raided Dear Mother’s closet once more and scooped some vintage ankle boots =)

The ring was such a proud purchase of mine, thinking it added some sort of space vibe or extraterrestrial effect, but after a couple of times wearing it, some people have decided to name it a sink-plug -_- Haha I suppose it isn’t completely untrue, but now it no longer has the space dome appearance for me as it originally had. I still love it though.

This may sound weird but I enjoy the look of being warm and chilled at the same time. Thus the furry vest warming the chilled sheerness of the camel blouse. Complementing that is the exposure of my leg and the woolly socks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easily amused

It's safe to say that we can probably entertain ourselves for hours on end even if we're not doing anything in particular. This is from our visit to Luna Park. It was spontaneous and out of the blue, but mostly because it's freeee =) Here we are enjoying ourselves and it costing us nothing!

 Nope, we didn't take any photos in front of the gate like tourists. Tempted though!

 Haha yep definitely easily amused!

 Look at this fat seagull ha! Very confident as well, didn't move even though we were so close. Our oh so interesting encounters with animals.

How pretty is Milsons Point/Luna Park in the evening/night?

Monday, April 11, 2011


 Nice and crispy. A great start to the meal!

Was nice to have a pre snack because i love snacking !

Bombay Aloo $11.90; Potatoes tempered with cumin seeds, aromatic spices, tomatoes and coriander.
I’m not much of a vegetarian, so out of the vegetarian choices we went with this one, cos potatoes are pretty much the only vegetable I can tolerate. This was really nice, almost so that it makes you forget it has no meat in it. There were a lot more options on the menu, and this restaurant seems like a good place for a variety in vegetarian dishes, that are healthy and taste good. I feel like I wrote vegetarian/vegetable about 50 times in this one paragraph!

The seasoning of the potatoes were quite well done with a hint of spiciness for that extra kick, the flavour of the herbs really got through with the right softness of the potatoes making it a perfect blend!

Makhani Dish $15.90; A mild dish cooked in a rich creamy, tomato based sauce with fragrant spices and finished with a drizzle of cream. Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken).
Yummm…can butter chicken ever taste bad? We kinda went for the fail-safe option, which is a good choice for first-timers. Apart from the four measly pieces of chicken, this was delicious and not too extreme for our picky little tastebuds. This is a good dish to have for those who are just being introduced to Indian cuisine (sorta like us since we’ve only really ever had home made butter chicken).

As Anna said above, you just can’t go wrong with butter chicken =) . Although it was indeed four measly pieces of chicken due to the other side dishes this was still very filling and perhaps allowed more focus on the flavour of the soft curry with the jasmine rice, so no major complaints there ~

Pulao $2.90; Steamed long grain basmati Rice. 
 I love jasmine rice, but apparently it’s not good for you. It really can’t be helped though. You just have to get it with curry, they’re the perfect food coupling =) It’s a good idea to get either rice or bread with the curry dishes, and I chose the rice cos i’m pretty much an all round rice lover. Pretty big portion for the price (unlike the Spanish place where it was half the quantity for double the price).

The texture of the rice was perfect to contrast with smooth curry, narrow and tasty!

Cheese Naan $3.90
A perfect alternative to rice, if you prefer bread. The bread is subtle so it doesn’t take over the flavours of the curry, and they taste delicious together. The cheesiness is a little extra flavour if you prefer a mini taste explosion in your mouth haha!

This is just my favourite when it comes to combinations with curry, the cheese just melts in your mouth and adds a chewy dimension when you dip it in the curry just delicious.

Maya Da Dhaba
431 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 8399 3785


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