Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alvina's purchases #13-19

The end of the year is here and i have ONLY made 19 purchases this year (excluding accessories). This challenge of only 25 purchases a year has transformed me from an obsessive compulsive shopper to someone with an increased appreciation for garments and style.

Vintage green suede skirt
 I love this skirt because it’s so versatile, I’m looking forward to wearing it as a cape, skirt and a corset like top.

Vintage suede tan vest

The vest has a bit of a hippy feel, can’t wait to rock it with some trippy funky styles.  


Yes i am on a vintage roll, this is a vintage dress which i will wear as a kimono, unbuttoned. I am on the search for a nice kimono for an exotic look but this will do in the mean time =). The long pleats flow in the wind like a cape making the wearer look mysterious ;p.

Pinkii mint maxi dress

I needed a change of clothing so i bought this one on a spur, but i loved the soothing mint pastel colour. I forgot the name of the brand because the tag was taken off but i think it’s Pinkii. 

Something else - Fishy Ken Done kaftan

This is a collaboration with an iconic australian artist named Ken Done, i love the cutouts on the arms  and the cuts on the back. Love the distinctly australian fish print and its vibrance. Definitely going to pair it with bright frosted sunnies and chunky boots or heels.

Jolie & Deen long sleeve dress

It can be casual or sassy with addition of a fur vest or excessive jewellery.

Bally rucksack

A quilted rucksack yay! It fits my macbook air so that’s all that matters =)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas outfit II

Anna wears:

Dotti playsuit
Marcs jacket
Mimco bag
Nine West heels

For my christmas outfit, I just went with simple red & white. I tried out green last year so thought it was okay to be boring and choose red this time hehe. I suppose in my mind these shoes are the most appropriate for christmas, since they've made a return a year later.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas outfit I

Another year. Another Christmas. Since we had xmas outfits last year we thought it was only appropriate to have them again this year. We actually went to the same place to eat and spend some christmas time together. Planning to make it a yearly thing; the whole wearing festive looks and basking in the same atmosphere business. 

Alvina wears:

Romance Was Born dress
Temt top
SES black skirt  
Tony Bianco pumps
Country Road patent leather bag 

To match with the festive christmas spirit, i chose to wear one of my most vivid dresses by Romance was born, well known for their lively prints.

Bright red lips to suit the red & green of christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Anna's purchases 18-25

I've been so ridiculously lazy with uploading my purchases that I now have to cram it all in one post to ensure that they get posted by the end of the year. For those who might wonder why we would need to do this, it's because we gave ourselves (Alvina and I) a challenge: to only buy 25 fashion items. This includes clothing, bags, and shoes, because if we included accessories as well, we might as well have declared failure even before we started (sometimes accessories could mean bags and shoes also, but then we thought we'd be getting away with too much). I have to say I struggled a bit towards the end because I knew I had to make some harsh cut backs, and really choose the things I felt I had to have. The worst is probably yet to come though, because I don't know how i'm supposed to face the Boxing Day sales and not be tempted to make impulse purchases. This last week left of the year is really going to be difficult!

Mulberry Oak Bayswater

I had been eyeing this bag for a while as it's such a classic and can be worn with almost every single outfit. I thought I may as well take advantage of the free shipping offer Net-a-Porter had available at the time, which was when I finally decided to make this baby mine.

Ladakh dress

This is such a cute dress to have, for both summer and winter. I love the colour, and the fun polka dots just add that little extra touch!

Marcs maxi

I love how ridiculously comfortable this is. The colours work so well together, and because the stripes vary in size all the way down, it's more interesting to look at than just plain stripey maxi's.

Marcs raspberry crepe jacket

How is it possible not to love this bright vibrant colour!

Review dress

I don't think I actually have many floral dresses, so it was about time I started adding some to my wardrobe. The cute bow detail at the back was probably the main selling point for me though. It was just too girly and pretty to resist!

Miu Miu black patent ankle boots

I kinda just love these. They just make me want to keep looking at them, and I think it has something to do with the heel height. I don't own any shoes this high, and I think i'm just fascinated at how stunning they look with this heel. At first I was a bit annoyed because they clearly were not 10cm, despite Saks Fifth Avenue stating that they were. But then I kept looking at them and I grew more fond of them. Now I just need to wear them....a lot.

Salvatore Ferragamo peeptoe heels

 I think I neglect the colour grey quite a bit. Which is strange, since it can work just as well as black or navy when toning down any crazy colourful outfits. Also because they are peeptoe, I can add any cool nail colour and it can just peek out to give that little bit of extra spice.

Stella polka dot top

I'm pretty sure i've mentioned before that I love peter pan collars (or maybe I haven't?), but anyway I do, so when I saw this I just had to have it. The top is a nice cut and can be worn with so many things that this is definitely not a wasted purchase.

So anyway this is it for me. I can't make any more purchases other than accessories for the rest of the year (a week), but then again looking at these, I don't think I should.

Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anna playing stylist: Look Four

Alvina wears:

Valleygirl short coat
TEMT blouse
Pleated skirt from Korea
Lola flats

This is the final look. Again, I went with black & white, because I just wanted a classic look, and as I have mentioned before because Alvina hardly ever doesn't wear colour. Also I added flats just because she also doesn't wear them too often. Haha I feel like when it's her turn to choose outfits for me they are going to be completely out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to it, although it's probably not going to happen for at least a month. At least by then (hopefully) the weather will be more summery.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anna playing stylist: Look Three

Alvina wears:

Nu + Nan fur vest
See by Chloe shirt
Wrangler jeans
Kasui boots
MNG hand bag

So back to the styling challenge.. on to look three. I was inspired by model street style shots which oozed effortless cool and ease. It is actually the sort of outfit that I would definitely wear on a daily basis, but because I didn't have the knee-high boots and fur vest, I wanted to recreate the look with Alvina's clothes. It's sometimes the simple, lazy outfits that work a charm.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Anna wears:

Subtitled khaki jacket
Marcs camel shirt
Marcs tan shorts
Mimco bow hair tie
Mimco black tote
Diva ring
Diva bracelet
Zu ankle boots

With two looks left of the "playing stylist" challenge, I thought I would include my outfit from when I was at Alvina's house. Just a casual outfit, with comfort as the deciding factor when it came to each item. Only now, looking back at the photos, do I get a jungle vibe from every shot. I think it's the browns, khaki, and leafy background that create this feel.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anna playing stylist: Look Two

Sydney weather has been freezing lately, despite being the 8th day into Summer. Perhaps it's the rain, and soon there will be a change, but whatever the reason, we are all in need for a bit of warmth and sun. Anyway on to the second look from our little role switching!

Valleygirl blazer
Just jeans scarf
BWN dress
Simona Ricci sandals

I didn't even know Alvina had such a dress as i've never seen her wear it, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to come across it in her closet. It's such a perfect floral piece, without being too in-your-face or too bland. Although there are no hints of purple in the dress, I felt the scarf added a nice touch without taking too much away from the pattern.

I don't know why but I think I tend to stay away from too much girliness in one outfit. Even though I am the ultimate girly girl in that I love the colour pink and I fall in love too easily with things that are this colour (the addition of bows will completely have me sold), it doesn't show in the way I dress. Hence, I had to add the dark jacket to toughen it up a bit, but somehow I feel the look works. It's probably time to ditch this strange way of thinking, and embrace girly prints and all out pretty, feminine looks!

It was so fun to put together these looks (there are two more), and I can't wait for Alvina's turn!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Anna playing stylist: Look One

We decided to do something a little different and style each other! Alvina is yet to fiddle around with my wardrobe, but I can say it was definitely quite fun playing around with her clothes, and mixing things together to create outfits that might not have come about otherwise. However it was also quite daunting approaching her closet, as I was unaware of where things were, or even what items she had. So my tactic was to find things that I would wear myself, and how I would go about dressing myself by using her clothes.

Voice of Voices blazer
Tee from Korea
69 jeans
Therapy chain heels

For the first outfit I wanted to try something that Alvina doesn't do too often - not wear colour. So I went with black & white. Usually I dress quite casually, jeans, tee + blazer will do it for me, so with that as a base, I added the strappy stud sandals, rings and bangles.


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