Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grumpy Hippy

Alvina wears:

CKM leather biker jacket
Scanlan and Theodore tye dye tank/dress
Grey tights
Therapy ankle boots
Cotton On sunnies
Fossil leather bag

What do you get when you mix a grungy biker jacket + trippy hippy dye?  The title of the post gives it away.. a grumpy hippy =) Have an awesome week everyone <3 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greens are good for you

Anna wears:

Princess Highway coat
Marcs dress
French Connection hat
Saba bag
Tony Bianco boots

Who would have thought, a pink lover like me, would be surrounded like this in greens of many different shades. But like they say, greens are good for you, and sure enough i've definitely taken a huge liking to this fun yet calming colour! Oh, and i'm starting to eat more veggies too~ ^_^

Sunday, June 17, 2012


This post is long overdue because we ate these dishes waaay back in early Feb! The photos had been saved with all our other photos but somehow got lost amongst all the folders and content. But then they were discovered so we can share it with you all! :)

We loved the decor, it offered escape from the rush of the rest of the city it was amongst. The crowded yet ambient place was perfect for viewing Sydney city’s beautiful harbour whilst enjoying exotic Thai flavours.. This would definitely be an awesome place to be festive or even just to have a late dinner.

Duck pancakes

From memory we ordered this because of our previous encounter at Monkey Magic, and I have to say this did not match up AT ALL to the one we had before. There was no need for a comparison whatsoever because they were practically two different dishes. A bit of a disappointment.

These were tender with the perfect complimentary crunchy fillings of veggies and juicy duck ..I’ve tasted better but this was sufficient to tease my taste buds =)

Noodle salad

This was quite delicious. And remembering this is quite a feat in itself! The dish was fresh and zesty, just how it should be ^_^

 I quite enjoyed the zesty plush prawns combined with tangy refreshing salad. It was a party in the mouth with numerous flavoursome guests LOL..

Panang curry

Because this is from such a long time ago, my memory of the flavours are a little vague. But it definitely didn’t strike me as unpleasant, so I guess that’s a good thing. It was pretty much very similar to Thai curries that you can try anywhere else, although this one is probably a bit pricier!

The curry was a little sweet but was harmonious as it was smoothly blended with the soft chicken pieces. As I prefer savoury curry i wouldn’t pick it again, but hey i don’t complain either for the taste =)

Also we are thinking of adding scores at the end of every food “review”. What do you guys think about it?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A pop of pink

Anna wears:

Princess Polly necklace
Sportsgirl sunglasses
Miu Miu heels
Marcs skirt
Mimco bag

A simple, almost black & white outfit, with hints of colour from Mickey's shorts and my favourite heels. This tee has served me well. Every time I want to add some character to my outfit, I mix it in, and something that could have been bland and boring, immediately becomes playful and fun!

Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY headband

Alvina wears:

Jolie & Deen long sleeve dress
Ginnette woollen blazer
French boots
Custom made flower headband
Custom made collar made by sis
Lovella ring

My friend had a sewing meet up so i decided to sew up a head band =) made of a stretchy duchess satin.

I can’t wait to make more head pieces because i plan to make some epic ones for my final collection at college <3 Hope you all have a productive week ! xoxo


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