Tuesday, August 28, 2012

techno cape n cap

Alvina wears:

Yohji Yamamoto cape, MIMIUS jacket, 69 jeans, Customised cap, Oggi Domani satchel, Tony Bianco heels

I’ve always been a fan of dystopian fiction, and lately I’ve been flicking through epic Pierre Cardin tech savvy creations from the late 80s and Yohji’s past collections which have inspired me greatly. So when i stumbled upon this cape by Yohji it was an instant winner with me with its neat pocket flaps, epic tailoring & clean cuts!!!

Anyways hope you all have an inspirational epic week =) xoxo

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Prawn fried rice

I just had a craving for some fried rice this day, and I know Arisun's prawn fried rice is quite filling and tasty, so that is why I chose it. It pretty much tastes exactly like how you would expect fried rice to taste, but sometimes it's the tried and tested flavours that you trust and go back to!

Crispy spicy chicken

An all time korean favourite, it’s spicy and it’s chicken, what can go wrong? Nothing really, the tanginess kicked in my mouth and i enjoyed the soft chicken underneath the crunch sweet casing. This is a never-fail dish =)

This is highly enjoyable for anyone who loves chicken with a nice crispy crunch and a slight spicy kick. Probably a good introduction dish to Korean food as well, if you're new to it!
Noodles in black bean sauce

You pretty much cannot go wrong with this dish. It’s signature chewy soft texture enabled the sweet saucy noodles to glide into my mouth.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paisley snow ball

Alvina wears:

Beanie gifted from friend, Vintage D&G jacket, Ted Baker dress/top, TEMT shorts, Blue sweater from Korea, Alice McCall carry bag, Peter Lang cuff, Vintage cuff

So this day was just SO COLD, i get cold really easily and i do not know why!! Maybe because I’m Asian? Maybe because I’m a shortie? Maybe because i have cold blood! So i just brought on all the layers, walking around like a little paisley covered snowball. I’m lovin the paisley print on the jacket and the fact that it has buttons sewn inside for spares incase I’m clumsy and rip one on the front =)

Hope you all have a warm week burrrr <3 xoxo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Anna wears:

Shakuhachi jumper, MARCS coat, milkandhoney pants, Miu Miu shoes, Dotti hat, Sportsgirl belt, House of Harlow necklace gifted from friend, Chanel ring

So far the spending ban is going well, but then again not a lot of time has passed. A couple of things that i'm wearing here were ridiculously good buys before the ban was set in place, especially the hat, which only cost me $4.75, down from $30! It always feels good to get such a bargain. =)

I sort of enjoy matching colours in outfits, especially when they're so similar hardly anyone notices that they're actually slightly different. To downplay all the polka dots and pinks/purples, I covered up with my camel coat which proves to be a great replacement for black because it still pretty much goes with everything.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Normally V bar is a bar i would walk past all the time and never consider to go inside, however on an empty week day it felt some what private (like i hired the whole place or something), making it a perfect place to catch up =)

Candy Apple; Making every girl weak at the knees. A shake of butterscotch schnapps, apple schnapps, apple juice, fresh lime and delicious passion fruit puree.

As a FAN of green apples, the sweet sour tang blended perfectly with bitter yet refreshing flavours. I would definitely come back for this one.

Scarlet Passion; Fresh watermelon is muddled and shaken with Absolut Citron, Alize Wild Passion and lychee liqueur. This drink is double strained and served with fresh watermelon pieces which absorb the refreshing flavours of the drink.

I have to admit, I make the same mistake every single time. I suppose i'm just a sucker for watermelon anything because that's pretty much always what i'll order, but I never really enjoy watermelon and alcohol together so I just don't get why I keep getting it. The description just got me with all its watermelon and lychee goodness. Alvina liked it so it could just be me, but i'll pass on this one next time.

Seafood pancake; A delicious combination of seafood served Korean pancake style

Unfortunately we witnessed them blatantly calling the korean restaurant across the road to order it from them to give to us… Which pretty much took away from the bar’s image for us..

It wasn't that nice either, really bland and hardly any seafood as you can see from the photo.




Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little Green Riding Hood

Anna wears:

T by Alexander Wang sweater, Marcs skirt, Princess Highway jacket, Thrifted apple necklace, Roberto del carlo boots

Sometimes you just wanna have it easy. Black is easy. So is chucking a apple green coat on top and acting as if you at least tried not to blend in with all the black and grey in Winter. I thought the necklace was also quite apt considering the standout colour of choice and all.

On another note, i'm putting myself on a spending ban, even if just for a month or so. I realised i've spent a ridiculous amount and really need to get on track of my spending. I hope this sort of lasts, but I know it's going to be hard to resist all the pretty new things for Spring! Hope you've all been able to keep your spending under control this Winter! Have a lovely week =)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pre Re-Raphaelite

Alvina wears:

Vintage mohair sweater, Mum’s vintage maxi dress, Fossil bag, Catwalk pumps, Beaded ring custom made from Kenya, Vintage ring

My past task from college involved inspiration from “Pre Raphaelites”, which was a group that formed an artistic movement to be hefty in every detail yet retain romanticism. I loved their common use of organic tones such as terracotta, amber, gold, sage green.. which inspired me for my nails and my outfit happened to be in those colours =D

If you are reading this, what was your fav artistic movement? hope you had a fab week xoxo


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