Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ghost Town

This was from a while back, when the weather was more bearable. It was near the beginning of the year and most of the cafes around Surry Hills were closed :( It took us quite a bit to find any place that was open, so just went in here since we weren't in any situation to be picky, having walked around for ages and ready to eat just about anything!

GARLIC & HERB MARINATED CHICKEN BREAST MEDALLIONS $21; char grilled with a choice of pepper, mushroom sauce or gravy and served with chips & salad or mash & veg
 I quite liked this. The serving was generous and the salad was nice. I chose the mushroom sauce and it went well with the chicken. The only fault would be that, after a while it became quite salty and hard to finish, so Alvina and I did a swap :) Very nice of her~

It was just perfect, it was intriguing because even though it was chicken it tasted like some sort of roast steak quite interesting i say!
CHICKEN PARMIGIANA $22; tomato relish & melted cheese on a crumbed chicken breast with chips & salad or mash & veg
I thought this was a bit better than the medallions, mostly because it was tangy and the tomato flavour added more depth to the meal. Again, it was a huge serving and more than enough to fill us up (and this was our first meal of the day and it was around 3pm so we were beyond starving). I think this place has pretty good food at decent prices, although most pubs usually have $10 steaks etc., but if you’re really hungry you should pay them a visit!

Loved the hearty taste of the soft crumbly chicken with the tangy sauce and crispy chips. Highly recommended when you feel like you are hungry enough to eat a horse. The servings were VERY generous and tasty.

Trinity Bar
505 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 9319 6802

Trading hours:
Bistro is open Midday to 9:30pm everyday
Not too sure about the times for the bar

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