Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lonely street

This is actually an alleyway, don't think it has a name to it...which technically doesn't make it a street? Either way it's such a fun place to muck around in because there's not many people, and even if there are, they give us one glance then walk away. Okay..well sometimes there are those people that just like to stare, but we don't really do anything worth staring at.

Anyways, we haven't done an outfit post in a while, but we're meeting up a lot more which = a lot more outfit posts! And maybe more food ones too ^^

Marcs top . Wrangler jeans . Alannah Hill necklace . Mimco heels & studs
So..this is my new short-ish hair =) I like it a little wavy rather than just plain straight, but now i’m kinda missing my long straight hair too.. Oh well, it’ll grow out soon enough!

Another Shop acid washed jeans . Decjuba jacket . Graniph tee . Cotton On sunnies . Wittner pumps

I have a tendency to twist my ankle like this when I stand up straight. Have no idea why…I guess it’s just a random habit.

Received stares from random man on platform and glares from old lady security guard in the train but WHATEVER =p 

Nails are OPI An Affair in Red Square

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