Saturday, October 29, 2011

Train ride home

The other day we randomly bumped into each other in the city, so decided to take a few outfit shots. It's always a nice surprise to see your best friend randomly :)

Anna wears:

Miss Shop floral dress
Alannah Hill cardigan
Zu bow flats
Marc Jacobs bag
Diva ring

Alvina wears:

Paper Scissors tee
TEMT cardigan
Handmade collar cape
Wrangler jeans
Hunter gumboots
Pinet hand bag

I love seeing bold primary colours together.

I think I wear this dress to death. I’ve probably had it for a few years now, but it’s just one of those things that I keep finding myself going back to every now and then. It’s just so comfortable, and I can pretty much wear it on its own in summer and not really worry about what to pair it with.

It’s been rainy season so i’ve been wearing my gumboots quite a lot! I’ve been lovin silky textures and gentle colours to complement each other with a hint of brightness. Outfits that reflect peace really strike me because of a quote i heard recently which i LOVE: “Peace is not a trouble-free life; it is a sense of calm in the midst of life’s storm”.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken & Vegetables $12

Something about this dish makes me feel so  warm inside afterwards, it doesn’t overwhelm you with flavour but slurping on the juicy sauce with the fat soft noodles..with the crunch of veggies really makes me love it!

The sauce was very tasty for this dish, and because I love noodles in general, the two made a perfect match. Although it doesn't look too big, both dishes were quite generous in size, and we found it difficult to finish them. Definitely a bargain, considering the price and all!

Salt and Pepper Pork Chop $12.80

mMMmm my FAVE dish from this place, the pork is juicy with a crunchy coating filled with spice and zest. It just crumbles in your mouth then melts as you bite in. Extra flakes for the added texture, i do wish to find out what it is (some kind of spice i’m guessing).

This was tasty but I wasn't really a fan. I'm quite lazy when it comes to eating, so don't really like dishes where there are bones I have to be aware of, skins I have to peel, shells I have to crack open, etc., so the fact that there was a chance to bite into a bone in each of these pieces (which I did a couple of times), made me opt for the soft noodles more.

Pho Sam
14 Oxford St, Epping
NSW 2121
Phone: (02) 9869 0499

Trading hours
Open 7 days

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Side dishes

In Korean restaurants it is custom that they give small side dishes free of charge! Goodie, so you are allowed to have an unlimited refill so some people abuse this system when they are financially incapable, by ordering cheap dishes and making a meal out of the small dishes =D.

These usually come out first, so if you're really hungry, they become the first targets before the mains come out. As you can see, we were all quite hungry and dove right into them, with our orders joining us soon after. Sometimes I go back to a restaurant because their sides were memorable, even more than their mains. That's how important their role is!

Saeng Makkoli; Korean traditional rice wine made with Champagne fermentation process 750ml $12

This is Korean rice wine pronounced “Makgoli”. People tend to mix it with lemonade which results in a sweet rice champagne like taste. It accompanies heavy dishes because it has that feeling of assistance with digestion. I guess it has been just tradition and more authentic to drink it out of a bowl rather than a cup.

Not a huge fan of alcohol in general, but this I can tolerate. Definitely need to add a looooot of lemonade though! Considering we were both avid "milkshake" drinkers (Baileys with 3/4's of the glass filled with milk lol), we've come a long way.

Marinated beef ribs in a whole sweet pumpkin bowl (nornal/spicy) $40

My favourite dish from HANABI, this pork is so soft that it just lubricates your mouth (apologies to the people disturbed by this description lol!). We ordered the spicy version which unfortunately clashed with the other spicy dish so if you plan to order this make sure the other dishes are not spicy…It is perfection on it’s own with a fine balance of sweetness and spice. The accompanying pumpkin encasing the meat adds a gentle luscious texture and taste. Despite the accumulating hotness it was heaven~

One word to describe this: DELICIOUS! I actually went and had this again because it was that good, but ordered the normal one second time around. Have to say what makes the dish as great as it is, is the spicyness. Definitely opt for the spicy one because that is what captures all the flavours and produces this fantastic dish of tasty goodness! That is if you can take a bit of spice, as I thought I was pretty good with chilli food, but by the end of this, I was drinking countless cups of water lol.

Traditional Korean Pot Stew with fermented kimchi, whole potato and pork back bones $40

This soup is perfect for complementing drinking alcohol which is heavily embedded in the Korean culture. The meat was tenderly absorbed in the tangy flavours of the soup. We were too impatient with the potato and did not leave it long enough to cook, as they say patience is a virtue! It also includes rice cake which was kidnapped by everyone pretty early on which offers something to chew on.

This was my favourite dish when I went to Korea, I think they really do make the food best there, but this particular one was nice too. For a lot of people meat + potato make a pretty good combo, so adding a delicious soup and vegetables on the side, only give extra brownie points to an already tasty dish.

122-124 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9262 7288

Monday, October 17, 2011

Colour match

Alvina wears

Voice of voices blazer
Friend’s tee
Lulu & rose denim shorts
Kasui sandals
Nine West bag 

Anna wears

Kookai jade dress
Kookai leather jacket
Diva rings
Marc Jacobs bag
Urge flats

I stayed over at my friend’s place the night before so i borrowed her tee. I quite like it because lately i’ve been pairing blue with tan, maybe i’m craving to go to the beach? Personally, sometimes I believe we are influenced by our desires when we dress. Whether it be popular culture, the environment or just aspirations.

Even though it is officially well into spring, the nights are still cold, so I thought my leather jacket would do the trick. Even bare legs were pushing it, but we were inside most of the time so it wasn’t too bad.

Slanted shoes are so comfy! I like how it can be formal or casual depending on the rest of my outfit. I have worn these babies out like crazy, they undertook hours of dancing in clubs, trekked me around uni, random streets & beaches.

I just realised that we were both wearing jade this day (albeit different shades). We both developed a strong love for this colour at one stage. For me, it was laying eyes on these Miu Miu suede pumps in the gorgeous, striking colour, that got me just a little obsessed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We received this award a couple of weeks ago (we are a bit on the slow side) from A Single Girl's Musings and we are very flattered as it is our first award! So thank you! :) Definitely check out her blog, it's great and she blogs about a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, food, and K-pop idols (we are both Korean so these posts make for a very interesting read)!

Rules are:
Thank and link the person who awarded you
Write 7 random things about yourself
Spread the love to 15 other bloggers

You guys probably don't know much about us as we mostly just talk about our outfits or the food we eat, so here goes..
1. I enjoy receiving chinese burns. This probably sounds bizarre since it's almost a form of torture, but to me it's very relaxing and calming.
2. My favourite all time dish has to be veal funghi. I sort of go crazy for that stuff.
3. I played the sport fencing in high school, even going to the nationals in year 9 (14 y.o.)!
4. One of the things on my bucket list is to watch a movie by myself at the cinemas. Adventurous one I am.
5. We've known each other for 9 years, been friends for 7, and best friends for 6. It's hard to believe all this happened almost 10 years ago!
6. We both have a slight interest (haha to put it lightly that is) in Gossip Girl, but mainly because of the fashion. However, through this show we have opened our eyes to none other than Chuck Bass, i.e. Ed Westwick, and have completely fallen for his charm.
7. We somehow end up having a lot of funny experiences in public restrooms. This probably has something to do with the fact that we go there together...often. One memorable situation was when we lingered in the mens bathroom for a good 20 mins (not on purpose of course!), and after wondering for a bit as to why there were urinals in the ladies bathroom, concluded that Australia must be catching up to the high tech society of Japan by installing them. You can find out what we were doing there, here.
Hope that gave a little bit more insight into who we are and what we get up to! :)
Most of you here would probably already have this award, but here are the 15 people we would like to award it to, in no particular order:
Suitcase full of Dreams

Thank you to everyone who follows/comments/reads our blog!

Anna & Alvina

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chic in the City

Anna wears:

Levi grey tee
Motel Rocks skirt
Bardot blazer
YSL ring
Witchery silver bracelet
Miu Miu black bracelet
Vintage Oroton bag
Oroton nude patent flats

Alvina wears:

SHIEKE dress
SES cardigan
Burberry handbag
Simona Ricci sandals
Bow ring
Vintage watch 

Possibly the safest way to style the skirt. You can't really go wrong with neutrals. I think I might try and be a bit more daring next time... to make it more interesting.

Gentle skies have fired my love for pastel tones… 

I've been mixing gold and silver accessories a lot lately. Although it was originally due to my lack of jewellery as a whole, sometimes it doesn't look too bad. And the other times no one really notices.

Okay so i have been dressing quite mature lately, i think it’s just the Burberry bag that adds another ten years to my look. I just took that bag out on the whim but i guess it could add that chic touch. So there are people who say we should enjoy our youth and not dress older than we look, but I say that is more the reason. While we are young we should try many different things as possible, if there was no change, life would be boring =). (wow that sounded like hsc english text for those in AUS).

Monday, October 3, 2011

Anna's purchases 16 & 17

Sorry to bore you with another purchases post, but our next one will definitely be of our outfits, which is hopefully a bit more interesting :) Before we uploaded it though, we thought we should post what we bought asap, as we're quite quick to wear our new things out and they already feature in the next post! Anyway I may not be as good as Alvina in terms of sticking to this challenge in the best way possible (to not buy a lot), but I still feel i'm somewhat on track. I'm just going to have to really limit myself for the next 3 months!

Motel rocks skirt

 The skirt's a little crinkled because I stuffed it in my bag, but you can see the basic picture. It's such a statement skirt that I was at first a bit hesitant to get it, but the colours won me over. First saw it on Modcloth and just thought "ooh i'll save this for later", then came across it at Glue, which was so much more convenient for me, as I could try before I buy :D It was $20 cheaper online, but with the 20% off the entire store promo Glue were having, plus no shipping fee, it worked out to be easier and cheaper to get it in store. Lucky I came across it in Australia before I made an order on Modcloth!

Mimco heels

These are a bit of an impulse buy. I've actually been after black strappy sandals for a while now, and I saw these go on sale and sorta just caved (even though I knew I could probably find a better option elsewhere). I was getting a bit desperate and thought these were close enough. I do like them though, of course! They definitely work with all the outfits I had in mind :)


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