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Melbourne Day Two - 08/11/10

 Excellent service here, the food is VERY tasty.
Brunch Special $16.50; salmon, avocado, red onion, poached egg, cream, on top of a green salad
Not sure if this is a permanent fixture since it’s not on the menu, but if it is, I highly recommend it. The combination of the flavours really make it work, and it was probably the best meal I had during our stay in Melbourne. 
Lamb cutlets $22.50
 Was deliciously tender and the crunchy greek salad with soft pita bread was definately a lovely combination.

 Located in a pretty alleyway

Cafe Bar Mile
308 Flinders Lane,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Phone: (03) 9620 7122

Afterwards we went shopping and almost missed our booking for the tramcar restaurant at 5.45pm.
 Got there with 5 minutes to spare

 On the tramcar restaurant
Chicken Liver and Cognac Pate; crowned with pink peppercorns, served with crisp bread
Roasted Red Capsicum Dip; Served with crisp bread

Macadamia Chicken; Grilled chicken breast on sweet potato mash and baby spinach with a macadamia pesto sauce

Victorian Farmed Eye Fillet of Beef; With potato and herb rosti, seasonal vegetables, onion marmalade and a rich beef jus

Chocolate Dome; On a sponge wafer, topped with toasted almond flakes and a vanilla raspberry syrup

Warm Sticky Date Pudding; With butterscotch sauce and cream

 All up this cost $77 pp, for the early dinner which starts at 5.45pm and consists of 3 courses. There are a few other deals you can get, such as late dinner or lunch, which consists of 4 and 5 courses respectively. They do cost a bit more, however we recommend the late dinner menu, as the scenery and view would be far greater. Also the food isn’t that great, it really is more for the experience. Drinks are unlimited and range from soft drinks, wine, beer, to coffee.

Off to Crown after a filling dinner~

 Chilled at the lobby
 Taking luvos for 20mins with your best friend in the toilet is classic

Walking out to find that it was the male toilet all along…priceless. LOL
 We specifically sought out this bar, located inside the casino area.
Velvet Bar’s Famous Sensation cocktails $22
 These are just HUGE we got the sunset cruise- Malibu and Paraiso Lychee Liquer, with pineapple and coconut syrups, topped with pineapple and cranberry juices and lemonade.

There seems to be like 0.000001% of alcohol in it, as it tastes very fruity and hardly any taste of alcohol. Still good for the experience of it because it’s a struggle to finish but tastes yummy! The menu said it holds 1.1 standard drinks.

Peach Martini $12
 Peach Vodka with peach schnapps was bitterly yum

$12 martinis are only for Mondays, every other day they are $17. But there are special deals everyday so it’s worth a visit.

A nice end to the night going through the hardcore poker LA area of the casino!

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