Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Bread made pizza style

This was rather plain, not really worth the price. But very filling!

Bread was nothing special so I will save time and say “ditto to what Anna said :)

Risotto ai Funghi; fresh cream sauce with mushrooms

I thought I would give this a go as my favourite dish is veal funghi. After trying this, my conclusion is, mushrooms with cream sauce taste good wherever it’s put. Although the veal is probably the best partner for it ^_^ On another note, the seats are mainly outside and it was FREEZING, especially after they turned the heater off. Definitely doesn’t help with food digestion when you’re shivering and having to eat at the same time. Also the price points are probably a little high, just because it is located at Bondi Beach and there is somewhat of a view.

Gnocchi Sorrentina; potato dumplings served with a tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

Gnocchi is actually MY number one top pasta and even in my top 5 fav foods. Due to this reason I have been there done that with gnocchi dishes and this one failed to stand out. The texture wasn’t as chewy as I would of liked it and the sauce didn’t contain a flavorsome tang. I’m not saying this dish is horrible but I just didn’t hit the spot for me :(




Af.kast said...

looks so delicious!
mind to follow each other? :)


Margarida Reis said...

looks yummi!


Stephanie Lin said...

I'm sorry that the dish wasn't all that, but your photos still makes it look good!

Katie Frank said...

oh everything look so delicious <3 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
would you like to follow each other?

Emmy said...

That risotto looks really good....yumyum!

Hullo said...

Despite your post about the gnocchi sorrentina, it still looks good!

Celia said...

Such a shame the gnocchi wasn't great, it's one of my favourite foods too :)

Ali said...

It all looked so delicious...what a shame your meals weren't really that fantastic.

Daria said...

Why I am reading your posts always so late at night? That looks so good, that I became hungry!

Daria from www.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

chictochic said...

I'm Italian, so if a day you will come to Italy i will be happy to cook you the same dishes in a better way!! I swear to you, the taste will be awesome!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm very happy for this!
Now I follow your blog with GFC! If you want do the same and like my Facebook page
kiss kiss,

eudoraa said...

hi, thx for the comment on my blog :)

all the pictures are make me hungry now! hahaa, btw just followed your blog, mind to follow me back?

thx eudoraeudoraa.blogspot.com

Nava said...

Great post! I love it! ^^ You have an amazing blog, mind to follow each other? :)

PS: I don't post shits... :p

See you soon on my blog!

ellie said...

Such yummy photos. Gorgeous blog!

Erika said...

I have never tasted Gnocchi before - it sounds incredible! :)

LaJune16 said...

Amaazing blog and I really love it.

Very nice photos :))

~~follow each other?



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