Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crazy Lady

Alvina wears:

Celsius fleece coat, Vintage dress, Catwalk pumps, Vintage necklace connected to a random piece, Vintage scarf tied as headband

The result of chucking anything on whilst in a hurry resulted in me looking like one of those mystical crazy ladies =). The red lips that i thought could not fail certainly did not help me look any more sane. LOL. Well i say its okay to let the bird out of the cage once in a while =) (You are probably thinking what a wierdo…). Well nonetheless hope you all had an awesome week!


Helena Resende said...

Love your coat! Cool pictures! :)

Milex said...

This is beyond. I am so impressed. Love

Annina said...

A M A Z I N G!*.*


indie by heart said...

You look great ! :) Nice layering and headband. Sometimes it's cool to look a bit crazy, lady ;)

Indie by heart

Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

You look so prety! Love your heels! Amazing

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livlovelaugh said...

wow, i loooove love your style~ Thank you for such a sweet comment :)


Sheila said...

Cute outfit!! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch! :)

xo - Sheila

Karina Dinda R. said...

Such a great post dear, love it max! :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥


I love this look and how you've played with the layers. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Would you like to follow each other?


Lace and Chiffon - בלוג אופנה said...

I'm in love with your style!
Your shoes are adorable!


Erin Edwards said...

Great blog! I love the splash of color with your shoes.


Emm said...

Great photos!

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Phioxee said...

i love how you did with the hanky. that's better than the turban. i love the pumps.

just me,

Dipika Syngai said...

Hello Nana girls! I love your mouth is watering looking at the food pics :D And you girls have amazing fashion style, I esp. love your shoes<3

Is it okay if we followed each other?


Katrina said...

love the layering!
it works so well on you!

Carolyne O' said...

Love your super cute look <3
Thanks for your comment on my blog lady :)
What about following each other?


Francesca. said...

Ooh, I don't think I've ever seen such a well-dressed 'crazy lady' haha! Loving your shoes, they're amazing - and you can't really go wrong with a red lip! xx

La borsa di Mary Poppins said...

beautiful post!!Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
xoxo Gloria

voguerka said...

Wow! Lovely blog!

Thank you for visiting me! I think we should follow each other!

Kisses from Poland!

New follower now!

Kristen said...

Haha ! Love it!

Ana said...

wow this shoes are so amazing!!!beautiful mustard color!!

Ali Hval said...

Whoaa! I adore this look. I love how you kept it neutral up top and added those AWESOME yellow shoes! So cute. :) Wish I could pull something like this off.

Elena Sergeeva said...

Great blog you got here ladies! Want to follow each other? xoxo ES

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

great, great outfit dear! i love the shoes you are wearing, makes the whole outfit pop!

lindsey louise

fashion nightmare said...


& thanks for your comment.



Andrea said...

the coat is amazing! Could you please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea Youtube:

Kim L said...

I actually really like the red lips Alvina! and what you did right there is what you call hobo chic! :) :)

accidental encounters



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E V E L Y N said...

Really like your coat! just started following :)x

Anastasia said...

amazing color of the shoes 8)

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

This is such an interesting way of blogging :) I love it!
Btw I don't think you look insane at all haha the red lippy actually looks glam on you! I wish I would be brave enough to try that colour!
Thanks for checking out my blog!
I'm following you, would you please follow me back? :)

Priscilla said...

Nice Post,I wanna see More! (^_^)
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I'll wait you on my blog dear.Have a Great Day!

Minna said...

Lovely post! <3

I'd be really happy if you visited my blog at and followed it - I'll follow you back of course. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

BR, Minna


Lara said...

I love your shoes!!!!:D
Tell me what do you think about my last post!

The Simply Kelly said...

wow love this outfit.....

Bella said...

You look gorgeous! Love your shoes the most! :)

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

lol you're not a weirdo ;).
I love this outfit.
you are so cute!
have a great day!

Marta Martins ♥ said...

love !!!

Diana Marks said...

very original and interesting look! I love it!
If you like it, follow my blog on Bloglovin'. Let me know in the comments and I will follow back ;)

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Joyce said...

I love your girls eye for color and aesthetic palette :D Love your outfit girl!

Joyce @

Danny said...

awesome! love the coat!

Count To Four said...

love all the layers in the outfit! great look :)

Phioxee said...

dropping by again.

just me,

theblissfullife14 said...

You look so gorgeous! I love your style. You are such an inspiration.

Lia said...

You can pull out this outfit as well. Mustard heels are pretty cute)

Laura Go said...

definitely crushing on this look! the mustard heels create a lot of pop!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

The Golden Girls said...

Gorgeous look! LOVE it! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

Izumi Bogen said...

so kawaii!

xx. Hybrid Hunter

follow each other?

Amy Fashion Blog said...

cute shoe

Kiiiim said...

I LOVE this look! It's very bohemian-chic! great look.

Please feel free to check out my blog and follow if you like... I'll follow you back or course! :)

-Kim from San Francisco

xoxo_grah said...

nice dress and pumps...i guess the coat and the turban didn't work well with each other...just a thought still look lovely nevertheless..:)


Tara India said...

I love your layering, and your gorgeous shoes! xox

Natalie BFR said...

Cool pics! I love the look ^^

Im following you, would you like to follow each other? :)


Trendy Mama said...

Thnx for your comment on my blog
Cool outfits!


Yulie Kendra said...

wow your style is great ! Maybe we follow each other ? let me know!

Elle Sees said...

Well I think you look. Icute Following you now.

Sarah Mira Park said...

Ohh, I need an over-sized coat like that! And I am also in love with your mustard colored heels!

The Weekend Diary

Patricia Ayuso said...

great post!!! i follow you now ;)
i would love follow me back because love your blog!!
kisses pretty

Elise Rogers said...

wow i love your blog o much!! Thans for the sweet comment on my blog! Now following and cannot wait to read more!!


Kaolee said...

I love the bright heels! And red lips always work in my book!

Michelle said...

I don't know what you're talking about! You look awesome!!! I love everything from the red lips to the yellow shoes! I love your guy's blog! Follow each other?

Metajojuana Nyt said...

Love your pics!! Arent you lovely!!! Would you like to follow each other?

BIG hair LOUD mouth

Anaivilo said...

I love these layers! Great job :D

Jackie said...

hey, you have such awesome style!! really love it!

Toxic Codeine


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