Monday, July 30, 2012

To be free . . .

Anna wears:

MARCS cardi, pants, Tony Bianco boots, Marc Jacobs bag, Vintage watch, Miu miu black bracelet, Mimco white bracelet

Running around on the beach after "trading hours" with your best friend, may possibly be the most liberating, thrilling feeling ever. Yes, it was absolutely freezing and we were shivering as we did it, but then you kind of just don't care. There were even a few other groups of people here and there, but it's dark and they pay no attention to two silly girls giggling and running around with camera in hand. It was indeed a carefree night. However, we did have to snap back to reality, made perfectly clear by the rough sand that had managed to pour into our boots. That, and the fact that we realised it was getting quite late, which triggered the idea in my head that if we were to get lost in the water, it would swallow us up and leave no traces of our presence. Which of course would not have happened, but with my imagination running wild, and the fact that the waves got quite close when I was attempting to get a shot of them, did not help the scenario.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cookie Monster

Alvina wears:

Vintage mohair cardi, NU + NAAN faux fur vest, Something Else by Ken Done kaftan, TEMT shorts, Therapy ankle boots

Life is just going too fast for me right now, juggling full time work/studying/interning/social life (reduced drastically). So when i had the chance to frolic amongst the night lights of Bondi with Anna, I was more than thrilled.

The description of cookie monster is due to my alarmingly large consumption of tim tams/choc chip cookies during rare resting hours at home (which i do have to stop >_< or risk diabetes!). Also, I’m loving purple/fuchsia lip tones lately so I’m going to invest in one from YSL yay! Hope you all reduce on the sugar count or at least be productive from it! xoxo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Bread made pizza style

This was rather plain, not really worth the price. But very filling!

Bread was nothing special so I will save time and say “ditto to what Anna said :)

Risotto ai Funghi; fresh cream sauce with mushrooms

I thought I would give this a go as my favourite dish is veal funghi. After trying this, my conclusion is, mushrooms with cream sauce taste good wherever it’s put. Although the veal is probably the best partner for it ^_^ On another note, the seats are mainly outside and it was FREEZING, especially after they turned the heater off. Definitely doesn’t help with food digestion when you’re shivering and having to eat at the same time. Also the price points are probably a little high, just because it is located at Bondi Beach and there is somewhat of a view.

Gnocchi Sorrentina; potato dumplings served with a tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

Gnocchi is actually MY number one top pasta and even in my top 5 fav foods. Due to this reason I have been there done that with gnocchi dishes and this one failed to stand out. The texture wasn’t as chewy as I would of liked it and the sauce didn’t contain a flavorsome tang. I’m not saying this dish is horrible but I just didn’t hit the spot for me :(



Friday, July 20, 2012

My first hat

Alvina wears:

Fascinator hat made by me, Valleygirl coat, BWN dress from a random boutique i actually don’t remember, Peter Lang cuff, Alvina necklace gifted by a friend, Wittner platforms

Although the fascinator looks simple it took weeks to block into shape and then hand stitch, but it was still fun making it =) Was going for the feminine yet fun look (Dior-esque?)  The dress i bought years ago (it was at a daggy length but got it shortened so i wear it quite a bit now !). Have a look at your old (now daggy?) purchases and try changing it <3 Hope you had an awesome week people ^^

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In the Navy

Anna wears:
Alice in the eve top, Milkandhoney shorts, Marcs cardigan, Gorman shoes, Peeptoe ring

Another basic outfit. Good for Summer. Most of the time I tend to dress in a rather simple way, so it's no surprise there are hardly any crazy looks of mine. Just putting together garments which, in my eyes, mould perfectly with each other - as you do.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Citrus Tones

Alvina wears:
Pinkii mint maxi dress, Griffin silk vest, BIK mustard cardigan, Vintage glomesh clutch, Vintage gold buckled belt, Lamp necklace, Therapy studded strap heels

This outfit reminds me of mint, lime & lemons. This is completely random but a mojito cocktail comes into mind mMmmm… I hand sewed the vest to tailor to my fit because it is originally a mens vest but i love it because its pure silk and worth quite a lot =)

Whenever i see something that i like that doesn’t quite fit me right, i get it anyway because my philosophy is to just make it fit (without transcending the physical boundaries of the human body). Hope everyone had a nice week ^^ xoxo

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



These were DELICIOUSLY tangy & sweet, encased by its soft,tender yet flavoured wrap. The zesty meat ball pieces definitely rolled with ease in my mouth.

Home is actually my absolute favourite place to dine whenever i'm in the city, which is quite a lot. When I first discovered this place, I went about twice a week, sometimes even twice a day. Haha safe to say I was addicted! Anyway, this entree is just divine. The sauce has quite a sweet flavour and it just works perfectly with the chewiness of the dumplings.

Beef salad

There was only one phrase to describe the exuberant combination of spicy tangy zesty refreshing flavours : A party in the mouth !! =)

Okay, this is my favourite. I have ordered this pretty much every single time i've eaten here. It's THAT good. Love how it's quite chilli, but you don't realise it until you keep eating, and by the time you do it's too late. Haha gets me every time but I will probably never stop, I just keep eating. The great thing about Home is, even though the dishes taste exceptionally good, the prices are very wallet friendly. $25 can get two people a tasty meal which will keep you happy and comfortably full. The only one thing that might let you down is the wait to get in. There's always a lot of people during peak times, but they do also make up for it by delivering the food to your table within a very short timeframe.

Pad thai

I usually find pad thai pretty boring because i get sick of the flavours pretty quickly after halfway but this one was awesome! Due to the fact that the noodles were vermicelli ( which are magical noodles that only make me hungrier !!). Overall I would definitely come back for all these dishes, they were beautiful flavours but also quite cheap too!!

This is another one of my usual orders, although definitely not as much as the beef salad. It is just a classic pad thai, but I just think the vermicelli noodles make all the difference. I used to prefer pad se ew over pad thai, however now i'm always ordering the latter, but with vermicelli of course! This version is definitely highly recommended, as is this restaurant.



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hello yellow

Anna wears:

Gorman jumper
Forever New jacket and skirt
Marc Jacobs bag
Miu Miu shoes
YSL ring

Just an easy, no fuss outfit. Presence of my favourite colour, and an ever-so-slightly fuzzy jumper in a sunshine yellow. And because I love collars, the addition of a white shirt to finish off the look.

Hopefully we can get back to posting regularly this month, as last month was quite a drought!


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