Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mint & Blush

Anna wears:

Agent ninetynine blush cardigan, Marcs mint knit, Witchery navy duffle coat, J.Crew scalloped shorts, Bardot leopard print belt, Alannah Hill necklace, Chanel ring, Sportsgirl heart tights, Lanvin suede wedges, Dotti hat

I still remember how freezing it was this day, and then it started raining as well, which is never a good thing when you want to take outfit photos. Although this set us back a little bit, we couldn't really complain as it was our first time in a looooooong time, taking photos during the day with natural light, and this in itself was good enough. It's really refreshing to be able to take photos without searching for artificial lighting at night, which has definitely been made easier as the days get longer and our schedules finally co-operate with us.

The knit actually has small specks of colour throughout it, which makes for a cute little piece to have, although it's impossible to tell in these photos. I suppose the colours here make the outfit quite Spring-like, but the atmosphere certainly wasn't, and I really didn't want to take my warm, bulky coat off half the time. However, the theme (that I set for myself) was pastel, so I still had to somehow make that work.

On another note, I have a feeling Shakuhachi is going to take big chunks out of my pay, because I adore their stuff right now. There's already 8 pieces in my wishlist, and that's after cut-backs! Oh, but just want to mention that my spending ban is going pretty well, although i'm now experiencing my greatest temptation. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Purple People Eater

Alvina wears:

Vintage mohair sweater dress, Dotti beret, Silk georgette scarf, De Lourve heels

This is what i would normally throw on when i don’t know what to wear: a sweater dress, definitely a hat of some sort and a scarf if chilly. (which it was).  The spring in sydney has started off a little frostier than i prefer =( but hopefully it will warm up soon! Hope you're having a warm fuzzy week ^^!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colour Bomb

Anna wears:

Vintage coat, Marcs camel silk shirt, milkandhoney pants, Sportsgirl belt, Mulberry bayswater bag, YSL ring, Gorman gold boots

Apologies for the lack of full body shots.. I was in a deleting frenzy and got a bit carried away, and before I knew what had happened, I was left with this mish mash collection of shots! Oh well, there was nothing really special about this outfit anyway, I just wanted to wear my new boots and this vintage coat because I am absolutely in love with the colour. It is a little big on me, but then there's nothing wrong with a loose, boxy fit when it comes to vintage, so i'll be gladly holding onto this one. Still going with the coats, as we've been having a few Winter days here and there, but you can tell we're starting to really warm up with the temperature reaching 27 degrees today (well that's what the weather app says on my phone, but who really can be so unreliable). Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Medieval folds

Alvina wears:

Ausko beret, Brocade top made by me, Alice McCall high waist jeans, Vintage gold necklace, Mazal ring, Celine earrings, Simona Ricci wedges

I thought the brocade fabric reminded me of the medieval era, and to add that more royal touch i added gold piping around the neckline, which isn’t perfectly even but i have fixed that now yay. Instead of making a separate collar piece it was cut from the front bodice piece and folded. Anyways enough waffling, i hope you all have an awesome week =)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

wine red

Anna wears:

Marcs coat and tee, Zimmermann skirt, Miu Miu booties, Vintage Oroton bag

Surprisingly, I think this coat is making its first appearance on the blog, even though I wore it practically every second day during Winter. Anyhow I absolutely love the cut and deep red colour, and it’s also quite versatile which makes it an added bonus. Don’t you feel that red is such a seductive and mesmerizing colour.. I think lately i’ve become really addicted to it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Tokyo Ramen; the most popular style of ramen, it has roast pork and egg in a soy flavoured soup

I get this ramen almost every single time. It’s such a classic and as the description says, there definitely is a reason for being the most popular. I love the soup and simple but delicious taste.

Kimchi Ramen; Shio ramen with roast pork, vegetables and korean hot chilli pickles (kimchi)

Ichiban boshi never fails me for a tasty ramen. The width of the noodles were not too dense and not too stringy so it was perfectly chomped up =). The only flaw i would have to pick is that you get REALLY thirsty as a salty taste accumulates in the mouth. The kimchi was tangy adding a perfect crunch to the soft pork mMmmm.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Winter florals

Anna wears:

Gorman denim shirt, Marcs top, Ryder by Arabella Ramsay shorts, French Connection jacket, ZU boots, Vintage Oroton bag

Although it is officially Spring here in Australia, these were taken a little while back, when it was cold and miserable (not that it's glorious warm weather just yet), hence the title. I always believe injecting a bit of colour and prints into the Winter wardrobe can lift the mood and put a smile on your face, so why not! However, I still feel these shorts would really shine when surrounded by tall flowers in a vast open meadow, with sunnies and a floppy hat. I really wish we could take a trip down to the countryside and just relax for a couple of days =)


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