Monday, October 29, 2012

Frilled for Friday

alvina wears

frilled vest from Korea
vintage lace cardi
TEMT bodycon skirt
staccato boots
oggi domani satchel

Excuse my lame pun, but I was getting ready for a Friday night. Although i had work beforehand so i was a little overdressed for the time of the day. Hope you all have an awesome Friday to look forward to! xoxo

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lazy Afternoon

anna wears

levi denim jacket
marcs chambray shirt
j.crew shorts
saba bag
gorman shoes
folli follie charm bracelet

I feel like a bit of a boy when I wear this shirt, but then I suppose the scallop detailing on the shorts sort of provides a needed contrast to make the outift a little more girly since I can no longer deny that girliness sums up my style. Although I could think of so many types of shoes that could go with this outfit, these Gorman peeptoes were my final choice, which I have concluded is the result of the glorious Spring weather on this day, hence the need to let my toes get some air!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My fair lady

alvina wears

maxine vintage floral dress
stellino blouse
fossil leather bag
staccato calf leather boots

I always yearned for the past when they wore more “lady like” dresses such as this one, which we kind of lack these days with all our mini skirts, short shorts and hooker party dresses hehe. The one i’m wearing is really comfortable and a little warm, perfect for a chilly spring. Well hope you all don’t forget to be a lady sometimes =p xoxo

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shimmer & Shine

Anna wears:

Marcs green silk shirt, Saveus vest, Gorman grey cardigan, Zimmermann gold skirt, Chanel ring, Miu Miu patent boots

Now that I look back on these photos, I didn't actually realise how festive I looked, with all the green, gold, and hints of red. Haha I hope I don't look too christmas-y! When it's raining and freezing outside, your natural instinct is to cover up, and that's exactly what I did. If I had gloves I would have worn them, and if I had a scarf with me, I would have definitely worn that too. Anyway the cute little envelope necklace is was Alvina's, but she has kindly given it to me saying she wanted it to have a new loving owner, which I took as my cue to provide this loving home. When you open it, it actually has a note saying 'I love you'. How adorable is that! ^_^

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crazy Lady

Alvina wears:

Celsius fleece coat, Vintage dress, Catwalk pumps, Vintage necklace connected to a random piece, Vintage scarf tied as headband

The result of chucking anything on whilst in a hurry resulted in me looking like one of those mystical crazy ladies =). The red lips that i thought could not fail certainly did not help me look any more sane. LOL. Well i say its okay to let the bird out of the cage once in a while =) (You are probably thinking what a wierdo…). Well nonetheless hope you all had an awesome week!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Cheese pizza

The pizza was tasty at first, but we were ridiculously hungry after a long tiring day, and I realised it was actually a bit tasteless after a while.

Guess you can’t really go wrong with a cheese pizza =D Of course though, the more cheese the better for me.

Veal funghi

I was quite disappointed with this dish. I have mentioned a couple of times that veal funghi is my all time favourite dish so it would be pretty difficult for me not to be satisfied with it (or actually it might be the other way round because of high expectations, who knows), but this one was very plain. And the portion was so small that a few bites later and it was all gone. My greatest shock was when it first came out though, it looked like something an amateur cook made at home, or even meals we used to have at school camp (obviously tastes a bit better though).

Gnocchi bolognese

As gnocchi is one of my ULTIMATE favourite dishes of all time, i was unfortunately disappointed. The gnocchi here lacked in what was meant to be a squishy, saucy yet tangy absorbed sponge. It was bland a little too dense. I would say in terms of price and amount its an okay place to go to fill a hungry stomach, but personally not the best Italian place.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Alvina wears:

Two tone raglan cape made by me, Cotton on sunnies, CKM studded leather jacket, 69 jeans, Tony Bianco heels, Glomesh clutch

As you may have noticed, it started pouring on Anna & I, hence my fuzzy hair and drenched cape =(.  But nonetheless we had a nice catch up despite the crazy weather. The fierce wind certainly enabled my cape to do its magic of almost flying me into the air. But anyways, hope you all have a warmer week than i have had =D


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