Friday, February 15, 2013

Naked Pastels

alvina wears

two toned sheer silk georgette & jersey top made by self
woollen jersey tank made by self (worn underneath)
reversible skirt with silk georgette detail made by self
staccato calf skin ankle boots
sportsgirl bag
mazal ring

Don't you just love clothes that make you feel naked and free? =D The garments were fun to make but it is going to be hard to maintain because it's all hand wash/dry clean, so I better be careful not to stain them >_<.. Anyways Autumn is approaching in Sydney and I can't wait =) have a lovely weekend everyone xoxo


Alexandra said...

beautiful romantic dress!!! Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
Have a happy time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

B Allen @ What2Wear said...

You are incredibly talented, these pieces are all gorgeous!!!! I love that you toughened them up with the ankle boots!
Brooke @ what2wear

Esther Ong said...

Love this outfit! :)

Fashion for Beauty

Yulie Kendra said...

wOw really nice!!!i like it!

Maybe we follow each other!?
Let me know :)


Little-Hat said...

Looked over the last few posts, and I'm soooo in love with your blog!!! :)
I can't believe you made these things yourself...they are such beautiful pieces! Very unique and timeless..

THANKS for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm glad I've found your blog!


Khushbu Verma said...

I love pastels and you have paired it so well. You look really pretty in pastels I feel.

Anete said...

Stunning. :)

helen said...

your top is gorgeous! you did a wonderful job!

Fashion-Bridge said...

Beautiful look. Love the fabulous silk dress



Anonymous said...

That dress is simply stunning! The colour, the shape, the fabric... It's exactly like a dress I have been searching for for years!!
You look fantastic!
Combined with the boots, it's a look ready for fashion week. :)

So sweet!!

LittleMonsterx14 said...

you look very Grecian!

Mary said...

You are amazing; the two tops and skirt look lovely together, I'm feeling the Grecian vibes as well. The skirt is my favourite piece though, it has the most amazing fairytale quality about it! xx

Keit said...

Hahaha, naked and free= comfy! ^_^ Love this, it's so feminine and pretty!

Louise Lam said...

Wow you're so talented! I would never be able to make my own clothes. They look great :D


Bel said...

Gorgeous outfit! I wish I could make beautiful clothes like you!
Have a great weekend

yati noah said...

Hello ana and ana =)

owhhhh my, I really love your blog.

love the dress looks so comfy, free and naked hehee.

thankss so much for droppin' by my blog. Om following ya via gfc =)

Love, Yati from Malaysia

Anonymous said...

you look really nice;)

Fashionably Sparkly said...

I love your outfit! I was wondering where it was from and I saw that you made it! it's gorgeous!! I love it! ^^

Fashionably Sparkly

A Mode World said...

Beautiful top and skirt.. You're very talented :) xA

Joseph Dang said...

Aahahaha I love flowy silk clothing! and I can't believe you made those items! That's crazy

I love the top especially

Bad Taste Toast said...

Wow this is so beautiful, I love that the top and skirt actually look like a breezy dress! :)

Isa Machado said...

I loved your look! :)
Thank you for your comment, I am following you, hope you follow back! :)

Good Morning Pretty said...

Girls, your outfit are so lovely ! You're in my selction of the week, come and check if you have some time !

xoxo Eli

Mandy said...

Love it!

My Blog, Blonde but not least

Kate said...

WOW such an elegant outfit ! I love these colors, amazing ♥

I follow you now, maybe follow back if you like mine ?

Babble said...

Love this uber chic look :)

Regine Karpel said...


Heather said...

These soft colors are gorgeous on you!

Pearls & Paws

Sarah Hartley said...

Wow, what a great look and especially since you made it yourself. So talented!

Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

Cute and stylish!

New post - Knitted and cozy

The Glamour Drama said...

u're beutiful dear!!!

The Glamour Drama

Mélo l'imparfaite said...

nice shape !

Laia said...

Oh I love this kind of dresses, as you said is like being naked, comfy and fresh. Great pics and I love the turqoise bag makes a great contrast.

Anonymous said...

Love the pastels. I miss them, as I miss summer...


Eli Sedlachek said...

Beautiful Pics! You've got a great Blog.

Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

Kisses from UK :*

Wendy said...

wow love this style!! You look great! <3
Can you please help me? I participate at a bloggers fashion battle, so I really need your vote :). I appreciate it a lot! <3


Nati Ko said...

Lovely look! Great pictures!
Wanna follow each other? Let me know!


Eleanor J said...

lovely outfit!! xx

My sister is Margaret said...

Tnx for comment me!!
This is so beautiful combo.
I love that the top a lot!!

Would you like to follow each other??
Let me know!!


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