Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mamma's kitchen is an old favourite of ours since way back in high school. Although management has changed throughout the years, it's always been there for us in times of teenage girl talk, farewells, birthdays and random night outs! As you may have noticed we were not particularly hungry that day and decided to choose healthier options.

Sandwich - I am a huge sucker for anything with grilled cheese melting on top of warm tomatoes. So i'm sure you would have imagine, this dish could not go wrong for me. It's a perfect snack to tease your tummy!

Strawberry white sangria - This was absolutely delicious! Felt very fresh and bubbly, mainly because we were the only customers in there at the time and the girl making it put a lot of effort into it, and it really paid off! She was very friendly and eager to make us a nice drink, which made the whole experience that much better.

A perfect chick drink with a sweet combination of strawberry and tangy white wine.

Salad - This was sort of back when I just started working out and felt really motivated to eat right (although caesar salad isn't really the healthiest choice), so I settled for the salad knowing VERY well that it wouldn't satisfy my hunger. But it was a fail safe option as it's tasty and not a very heavy meal. Nowadays i've given up on restricting my eating and just eat anything I want, but try to balance it out with regular exercise!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Perfect Gift

alvina wears

bowler hat given by sweet french girl
ted baker printed tee/dress
DIY embellished back pack

I was sick of my back packs getting drenched in the rain and soaking my precious contents!! So I decided to make use of my leftover PVC collection under my bed and turn it into a raincoat for a plain old red back pack. I stitched on bath foam mat pieces for some decoration =). The bowler hat was also given to me on a night out by a French girl I just met and I have adored it ever since <3 Hope you all had an ace week ;p xoxo

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blow me away

anna wears

vintage tee
marcs belt and skirt
chanel ring
house of harlow necklace
wittner wedges

I tend to not wear maxi skirts/dresses a lot, but then what's the point of having one in possession, which is why I decided to wear it out. They are really easy and comfortable to wear, which is always a bonus, but you have to be careful when on escalators, as there is the risk of the skirt getting caught in one of the steps (it happened to me once, although luckily I quickly pulled it out)! Decided to wear it with gold accents, and a hint of purple.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

@rusticpearl, @hanahana

Rustic Pearl

Lamb ragu fettuccini w/ olives, spinach & a hint of chilli topped w/ gruyere

It really does look incredibly appetizing as I look back on these photos again, however the pasta was a little bland. It's not to say it wasn't pleasant, but for the price we really could have done a bit better.

rp. b'fast bun ~ Schulz smokehouse bacon loin w/ fried egg, rocket, seeded mustard tomato relish & hollandaise, served in Sonoma French style brioche

This was definitely a bun with a gastro pleasing attitude. The tangy mayo prancing around with the peppered egg, the crunchy tender bacon and rocket was a sure winner to my snack craving belly.


Hana Hana

Hana Hana is a cute, decorative eatery that has a whole array of Japanese style noodles downstairs, with delectable desserts upstairs. The udon/sides were pretty good; extremely cheap so definitely a plus, but it's the dessert I want to talk about. The decor upstairs is an immediate pleasure for the eyes, and then you get to feast on small chocolate delights and sip on creamy, smooth coffee. There's a variety of options, such as crepes, ice cream, waffles etc. in different flavours like chocolate, strawberry, banana...and you pretty much get the gist. I love the chocolate waffle as they have small mochi pieces inside, so you get a chewy texture when you bite into it, with the serving of ice cream and cream on the side! Definitely worth a visit as it in no way harms your wallet, and is an enjoyable experience all round.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Studded Jewels

anna wears

alice in the eve top
marcs pants
levis jacket
miu miu clutch bag
diva ring
charlotte olympia flats


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