Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where the sky meets the sea II

Subtitled jacket
Marcs stripe jumper
Riders by Lee jeans
Oroton nude flats
Mimco red bag
Alannah Hill pendant necklace
Miu Miu bracelet

I am in a desperate need for a tan, especially now that Summer is here (in one day!). This pale vampy look might be popular with some people - namely Twilight fans - but I prefer a darker tone, as it makes pulling off bright colours so much easier! Speaking of Twilight, I watched the latest movie out in the cinemas (mostly cause it was most appropriate in terms of starting time), and I was so confused throughout. This is understandable since I haven't read the books, watched the second film, followed the story in great depth etc., but I thought it would be easy to catch on. I guess it just doesn't fascinate me as much as it should.

It was ridiculously windy this day, so about 3/4's of the photos had hair in my face. The rest consisted of me holding my hair out of my face haha.


kirbyat said...

I like your blog, you've just gained a new follower!

I like your bag, it's nice and vibrant. Having a tan is always nice but I think I prefer being pale but only largely because British girls are very keen on fake tan! xx

Joandy said...

love this casual look!! and the sky is so beautiful there!!

Shels415 said...

What a great comfy outfit! Love your red purse! And so jealous that's it'll be summer there! It's winter in SF!


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xo

Joyce said...

Your jacket is great! love your shoes,too. Very nice outfit :)

Joyce said...

Your outfit is great, love your shoes and jacket :)


Awwww what a wonderfully chich and comfortable outfit you have on hun. PERFECT I'd say for a mid-day screening at the cinemas =)

Think I'd be mucho confused also as I've neither read nor seen any of those movies. Ona nother note relating HARD on that want for a tan. NZ weather is bloody frightening right now ha.


Kaleido Mind said...

stripes + military green = perfection:D

threadsandbuttons said...

Ha, I've decided to just embrace my pale skin. It doesn't like sun, and I'm fine with that now. You look great! And I really like the bold stripe on that top

lapetiteblonde said...

super cute outfit dear!!love your bag=)

kisses pretty and have a nice day=)

Megan said...

Love the stripes!

Angel Garcia said...

Looking good.. Haha usually the wind is a good thing because it adds some cool effect but not if it was that windy..

Love! ~Angel

skippysays said...

Love this look- so classic- can't go wrong with stripes, red, white, and blue :)

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

thanks for stopping by. Love your blog too can't wait to read more :) x

Rapuncela said...

cool screens, nice outfits, super teattle :)

Ren said...

I think I need to move....Winter just came around the corner here. It looks so pretty there.

I love the red bag. So cute.

Stay Beautiful,

Ayu Damayanthi said...

Hehe Kak Anna, me a huge fan of taec too :DD
I'm following you now, kindly followback? ;;)

Love from Bali <3


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