Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tasty goodness

It feels like quite a while since we've updated, so here's a quick little post on what we've been up to!

Our dear friend J prepared this lovely brunch for us~ She is THE number ONE housewifey! If she was a boy, we would marry her instantly !

The pink wine was a quick seller, it was sweet and pleasant matching the fine beams of radiance shining through the day…

The best pear rocket salad we have ever tasted, no joke there. There was a fine balance of balsamic sourness complementing the sweetness of the pears. The rocket lettuce and grated cheddar added that extra crunch..


Mai said...

the salad looks nice! (: seems like a nice day!"

CMPang x

♪DeAr♪ said...

thank you for visiting my blog!

If you have been to the movie "The help" I hope you liked it :)

The pink wine looks nice! I really wanna try a sip.

I'm now follower and hope you do the same!



ChiChi81 said...

Ohh the food looks delightful! Your friend, J, prepared such a fine meal. I wish I could cook and prepare such a feast like that lol And the pink wine looks inviting, I haven't tried that before haha. Thanks for sharing, girls.

Oh, do check out my post, I've tagged you two in a tag post, I hope you girls are up for it :)
1 is Lonely, 2 is just Fab, 3's a Company and 4... you're Tagged!


A Single Girl's Musings

Steffen said...

that food looks delicious! :)


lapetiteblonde said...

umm..so delicious!!
kisses pretty and have a nice week=)

dunia kecil indi said...

yummy!! your post make me hungry! :))

Déia Bertolli said...

What delights! :-)

mashi said...

Loooks yummy! Hope you both had a great weekend


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