Saturday, December 24, 2011

Anna's purchases 18-25

I've been so ridiculously lazy with uploading my purchases that I now have to cram it all in one post to ensure that they get posted by the end of the year. For those who might wonder why we would need to do this, it's because we gave ourselves (Alvina and I) a challenge: to only buy 25 fashion items. This includes clothing, bags, and shoes, because if we included accessories as well, we might as well have declared failure even before we started (sometimes accessories could mean bags and shoes also, but then we thought we'd be getting away with too much). I have to say I struggled a bit towards the end because I knew I had to make some harsh cut backs, and really choose the things I felt I had to have. The worst is probably yet to come though, because I don't know how i'm supposed to face the Boxing Day sales and not be tempted to make impulse purchases. This last week left of the year is really going to be difficult!

Mulberry Oak Bayswater

I had been eyeing this bag for a while as it's such a classic and can be worn with almost every single outfit. I thought I may as well take advantage of the free shipping offer Net-a-Porter had available at the time, which was when I finally decided to make this baby mine.

Ladakh dress

This is such a cute dress to have, for both summer and winter. I love the colour, and the fun polka dots just add that little extra touch!

Marcs maxi

I love how ridiculously comfortable this is. The colours work so well together, and because the stripes vary in size all the way down, it's more interesting to look at than just plain stripey maxi's.

Marcs raspberry crepe jacket

How is it possible not to love this bright vibrant colour!

Review dress

I don't think I actually have many floral dresses, so it was about time I started adding some to my wardrobe. The cute bow detail at the back was probably the main selling point for me though. It was just too girly and pretty to resist!

Miu Miu black patent ankle boots

I kinda just love these. They just make me want to keep looking at them, and I think it has something to do with the heel height. I don't own any shoes this high, and I think i'm just fascinated at how stunning they look with this heel. At first I was a bit annoyed because they clearly were not 10cm, despite Saks Fifth Avenue stating that they were. But then I kept looking at them and I grew more fond of them. Now I just need to wear them....a lot.

Salvatore Ferragamo peeptoe heels

 I think I neglect the colour grey quite a bit. Which is strange, since it can work just as well as black or navy when toning down any crazy colourful outfits. Also because they are peeptoe, I can add any cool nail colour and it can just peek out to give that little bit of extra spice.

Stella polka dot top

I'm pretty sure i've mentioned before that I love peter pan collars (or maybe I haven't?), but anyway I do, so when I saw this I just had to have it. The top is a nice cut and can be worn with so many things that this is definitely not a wasted purchase.

So anyway this is it for me. I can't make any more purchases other than accessories for the rest of the year (a week), but then again looking at these, I don't think I should.

Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas!


Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful purchases - loving that bag!

alicia said...

amazing blazer

Nana Sánchez-Dopico said...

Really nice clothes! I wish you a happy christmas:)

noresay said...

Thanks. :)
Merry Christmas!

The clothes are great.

mccandie said...

wow, nice schopping! beautiful dress. :))

themspatrycja said...

omg, amazing dress

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i love your purchases! the dresses are pretty, so are the shoes :) you've got great taste! merry christmas!



Picali said...

Amazing purchases, i like the bag and the shoes. (: Hope you have an amazing Christmas. ♥

I'm following, will you follow me back?

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

really love your clothes especially the red blazer! hope you have a great Christmas!

DaphYin said...

Wow such a crazy challenge haha! Anyway nice haul :) and Merry Christmas!

mishuella said...

gorgeous !

Teddi said...

what a great bunch of lovely things! best wishes on your shopping challenge. your polka dot blue blouse with the peter pan collar is a delight. :)

A. said...

Ack, seriously envious of your purchases, especially the beautiful Mulberry bag!! -A


v v said...

GREAT PURCHASES!! Where do you shop?? And how do you afford all that good stuff!! Tell me your secret :)
xo -vv

Kim L said...

I love all your purchases!!! I ve been eyeing on the Marc Jacaobs blazer but in white!!! :) The cutting is just perfect! Sigh, now I'm jealous of all your purchases!

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