Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anna playing stylist: Look Two

Sydney weather has been freezing lately, despite being the 8th day into Summer. Perhaps it's the rain, and soon there will be a change, but whatever the reason, we are all in need for a bit of warmth and sun. Anyway on to the second look from our little role switching!

Valleygirl blazer
Just jeans scarf
BWN dress
Simona Ricci sandals

I didn't even know Alvina had such a dress as i've never seen her wear it, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to come across it in her closet. It's such a perfect floral piece, without being too in-your-face or too bland. Although there are no hints of purple in the dress, I felt the scarf added a nice touch without taking too much away from the pattern.

I don't know why but I think I tend to stay away from too much girliness in one outfit. Even though I am the ultimate girly girl in that I love the colour pink and I fall in love too easily with things that are this colour (the addition of bows will completely have me sold), it doesn't show in the way I dress. Hence, I had to add the dark jacket to toughen it up a bit, but somehow I feel the look works. It's probably time to ditch this strange way of thinking, and embrace girly prints and all out pretty, feminine looks!

It was so fun to put together these looks (there are two more), and I can't wait for Alvina's turn!


inmyhansonshirt said...

I am totally loving that dress with the purple scarf! This is such a pretty outfit!

mccandie said...

beautiful dress! <3

skippysays said...

I love this look! The dress is so pretty and feminine, but it's toughened up a bit by that structured jacket. Awesome!

Miko said...

I really like that dress :3
The print is so cute!

Mary said...

Wait, did you say Summer? we do live in different worlds. Btw, the floral print in that dress is beautiful, I recently got ahold of a wonderful floral print blouse that I plan on using some time soon.

Mary from

Joyce said...

I love how you added the dark jacket to toughen up the floral dress! The outfit is so pretty :) I like it a lot.

A. said...

Cute outfit:) Hope you guys will get some sunshine and warmth soon! So lucky u're in summer:) -A


lapetiteblonde said...

lovely outfit dear!!
kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)

Sandwich de Dinausore said...

Nice outfit ! :)


DaphYin said...

Wow this is such a cute dress!! Beautiful outfit :) Following your lovely blog now!!

Kim L said...

Love the idea of playing stylists for the both of you!
Great outfit can't wait to see the next one.

accidental encounters

Mai said...

i like the blazer (:!! lovely outfit!

CMPang x

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Your dress is beautiful. I love the scarf you paired with with as well! :)

Sakuranko said...

Your outfit is really cute sweetie God Bless you~~
I lo your scarve :D

Sakuranko Blog
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Nana Sánchez-Dopico said...

Really nice look!

♪DeAr♪ said...

this look is very feminine and sweet! I love the color of the scarf!




Another great styling effort hun ^_^ I like how you've picked on some colours in the print and colour blocked the rest of the outfit to work alongside it =) Lookin great =D

Annie said...

Love this dress with that cute!

The Other Side of Gray

Marianne M. said...

I actually like that you toughen up your girly chic outfits with touch details without ruining the girliness of the outift but adding something new and exciting.
i think that it is not weird at all and that you should keep dressing like that, its far more interesting than wearing just girly stuff.
as for liking a certain style and dressing completely differently i know what you mean i do that too, i like different things, i dress differently, weird right?

Marianne M. said...

by the way i wonder if you could check out my blog i really like to know what people think, so be harsh on me, don't be afraid to tell me if something is not nice, if you don't like the background( i am still playing up with it) or the posts-concept, tell me about it, constructive criticism is always helpful.
by the way its so fun exchanging clothes with friends and trying out their clothes, i do that with my bestie, but my clothes don't look good for her, for some reason, she can't pull them off, well i guess, its ok, its still fun

Kate said...

You are adorable!
I like your shoes!

ms.composure said...

very very cute! def loving the whole outfit!!

Corrina said...

I love this look, the dress and the scarf look really nice together :)
Thank you for the birthday wishes too btw :) Yes Forever New can get really cheap! I have a DFO nearby so that's where I nab most of my bargains, but I usually buy when they have 'buy one get one free' sales, or 40% off sales items etc. They have heaps of sales but i've found some stores have more sale stock than others (maybe they send alot of their stock to DFO's?) You should follow their FB page because they post when sales are on :D

Teddi said...

it's you. it works. feminine with edge, & bright bold colour.


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