Friday, November 23, 2012


It feels like we haven't done a food related post in a while! Anyway Hanabi has been featured before, but we frequent it way too much to not have a second mention. The pumpkin/meat dish is like comfort food for us, it's always hearty and never fails to satisfy our hunger. Super delicious and just a great meal in general!

This is my ultimate favourite dish in the Korean restaurants in the whole of Sydney! The soft tender boiled meat softly disassembles in the mouth whilst highly complimented by lavish pumpkin. Mmm my mouth waters once more just thinking about it. Although Anna & I demolished this thing (serving size 3-4 people) and we literally could not walk for the fear of popping stomachs! The great thing about every Korean restaurant is their generous free side dishes =D Although this one compared to others were a little stingy, I guess we couldn't complain because it was still free.


Amber said...

YUMMM, I've never had this (I don't think I've ever even eaten Korean food before) but it sounds so delicious! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to seek out a Korean place in my area and try it sometime!
Hope you girls have a lovely weekend. How have you been?

xox, amber

Anonymous said...

food was good!
though I can see the pumpkin-like?: O C3% A9ps% C3% A9gblog/139008472914220? hl = ref

Anonymous said...

it looks really interesting;p

Lace and Chiffon - בלוג אופנה said...

Mmmm :)
Seems tasty!

Laura said...

Oh it's looks yummy!!!

♥ Lovely Pretty World ♥

Aleksandra said...

Everything looks so yummy !

Stephanie Lin said...

This food all looks way too good!

Sam said...

I've never had Korean food before, it looks so interesting and delish!

Marla Singer said...

looks so yummy <3


Jasmin Mazarine De Waele said...

Looks delicious !
but oh gosh, your blog,... it's so fab, like srsly!
Naturally, I followed you haha :)
mind checking out my blog too and maybe, follow back? :)
Anyways, have a great day love!

Lady Nini said...

Never tried, but would love to!
Looks to tasty... :)
Great blog! We're following you now and would love if you would follow us back.
Have a great day!

różowa szminka said...


Patricia said...

Night before last I made my first attempt at dicing a pumpkin for roasting and it was a rather harrowing experience that eventuated in me making random cuts with a bread knife, crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. My appreciation for pumpkin dishes has, subsequently, since increased.

Jane said...

omg yum yum yum! love when they give out lots of side dishes :)

snoopellie said...

mouthwatering dish! you make me so hungry. :D



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