Sunday, October 20, 2013

Remember to breathe

alvina wears

Nuu + Naan hoodie dyed by me
All over me maxi skirt
ICE high neck crop top
Staccato leather platform boots
Oggi Domani leather satchel bag

As you may be aware already, I always put my hand up for clothes that allow you to breathe and feel almost naked in. I wear this combination to work all the time because it enables me to be rapidly mobile, as my job requires constant moving around and climbing up and down ladders =D. I've been too busy just working, studying and squeezing a social life so I was more than happy to relax with Anna on this day! Hope you all have a productive and relaxing week =D xoxo


Shannon Boyce said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit! I just love your boots.

Anonymous said...

nice look;)

yati noah said...

Hye there lovely gals !

I love how you mix up those style,lovely !

Visit me


Rupa said...

Such a stylish and perfect outfit!

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

LittleMonsterx14 said...

Wow I love that skirt!!

ylenia said...

Love the skirt =)
Visit my blog if you have time, I've just posted a new outfit and I'll be happy to read your opinion about it =)

Carolina GarcĂ­a Ipser said...

Great look! A big kiss :)

Nikita said...

There is nothing to not like about this look.
From that cut - out skirt, to the crop top everthing looks so perfect.
Love it


Karina Dinda R. said...

What a nice skirt! Love it max :)

Phoebe Limanta said...

You are so damn gorgeous and I do love your outfit :)


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