Monday, May 23, 2011

Can you feel the cold tonight?

Nearing winter, we had been getting the characteristic cold mornings and nights, but for the last couple of days, there has been sunshine and warm days. Not sure if this is true, but there's this thing called 'Indian Summer', where in the last few weeks of autumn leading up to winter, people get to experience warmth and beautiful weather, and then afterwards the real winter kicks in. Whether it's true or not, it's still nice to have a little change before we have to settle in for thick coats, boots, gloves, scarves, etc. (even if we do love these!)

MIMIUS jacket
Paper Scissors shirt
Vinnies brooch
Temt shorts
Black leather belt from Korea
Diaz white boots

No name shirt
Esprit jacket
Wrangler jeans
7 for all Mankind boots

 I was going for a kinda retro look with the tan jacket and the funky pattern shirt.

A rather simple outfit (as most of mine are), but it’s good for cold days where I can be comfortable and warm. Except once it’s actually winter, i’ll be wearing a lot more layers! I’m one of those people who feel the cold quite easily, so when some can get away with a thick cardigan, I need a thick jacket or coat.

Yes i like to pout a lot, it’s become a habit my lips just protrude i reckon its because i use to have braces.

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