Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hi guys, apologies for the little drought of posts! We've been a little caught up with things and haven't had the time to meet up :( Hopefully this will change soon, since one of the good things about having this blog, was that we got to meet up a lot more after we started it.. and we have so much fun blogging so we're not likely to stop in the near future! :)

Anyway on to the outfits.

Two VERY different styles.

 Thrifted polka dot dress
Sportsgirl red beanie
Roberto del Carlo suede ankle boots

 Romance was Born dress
Siren platforms

I know this picture is a bit blurry, but it was getting dark, and without much light, it was kind of difficult to keep the photos clear. Anyway I just wanted to add, I love these boots! Like really, I love them (maybe a bit too much). 

This is probably the longest dress I own, and I’m quite liking the length so I might try on longer skirts/dresses from now on!

For flamboyance there must be courage . Romance was born has the nicest prints and will definitely keep this dress for future events.

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