Tuesday, June 21, 2011

black & white

Apologies for the slow updates...again! These were taken quite a while ago, in May or April even, so that is why we could get away with wearing so little haha. We will be back on track starting...........NOW :)

TEMT blouse
Chicabooti strapped skirt
SES pullover

T by A. Wang sweater
Insight shorts
Alannah Hill necklace
Roberto Del Carlo boots
Oroton bag

This look is inspired by Blair Waldorf one of the distinct characters of “Gossip Girl”, her style is sassy and chic~ Also I realised I wear quite few things from TEMT because i used to work there which is the same company as Paper Scissors and Chicabooti but that was many years ago.

Ahh yes how nostalgic.

Warm sweater + comfy boots = my perfect autumn/winter combo!

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