Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where the sky meets the sea II

Subtitled jacket
Marcs stripe jumper
Riders by Lee jeans
Oroton nude flats
Mimco red bag
Alannah Hill pendant necklace
Miu Miu bracelet

I am in a desperate need for a tan, especially now that Summer is here (in one day!). This pale vampy look might be popular with some people - namely Twilight fans - but I prefer a darker tone, as it makes pulling off bright colours so much easier! Speaking of Twilight, I watched the latest movie out in the cinemas (mostly cause it was most appropriate in terms of starting time), and I was so confused throughout. This is understandable since I haven't read the books, watched the second film, followed the story in great depth etc., but I thought it would be easy to catch on. I guess it just doesn't fascinate me as much as it should.

It was ridiculously windy this day, so about 3/4's of the photos had hair in my face. The rest consisted of me holding my hair out of my face haha.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where the sky meets the sea I

Vintage scarf
Forever New shorts
Dotti cardigan
Therapy ankle boots
Oggi Domani satchel

Wanting to bask in the sunshine but it was still a little chilly so had to wear stockings! I had a milkshake of things in my mind, ingredients included hippies + rock n roll + Mary Katranzou.

The scarf was only $4 from vinnies yay~ Lately i’m attracted to this shade of green and silky prints definitely due to the lovely Miss Mary Katranzou.. Yes i rave on about her in my other personal blog~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tasty goodness

It feels like quite a while since we've updated, so here's a quick little post on what we've been up to!

Our dear friend J prepared this lovely brunch for us~ She is THE number ONE housewifey! If she was a boy, we would marry her instantly !

The pink wine was a quick seller, it was sweet and pleasant matching the fine beams of radiance shining through the day…

The best pear rocket salad we have ever tasted, no joke there. There was a fine balance of balsamic sourness complementing the sweetness of the pears. The rocket lettuce and grated cheddar added that extra crunch..

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photography, Fashion, Food

Although we are quite slow on the updates, we went to 'Shoot the Chef', one of the events held by the Crave Sydney Food Festival, which went for the whole month of October. How? Alvina won tickets! :D It was held in Chifley Plaza, and for the one night, most of the stores had special deals and promotions to accompany the music, food, and art, so it was definitely something to get excited about.

Can’t be a festive night without a bit of bubbles, there was free champagne and unfortunately we did not get drunk enough to get into foolish situations to make this blog more interesting hehe.


Live music is a million times better, the classical string quartet was quite appropriate to enjoy with the echoey spacious halls.

This was one of my favourites, but sadly I didn't quite capture the details as well as I should have. Those badges and emblems on "The General" are actually all kinds of food, as are the small things on the map. I thought it was quite a clever idea!

This was my other favourite. What can I say, just looking at it was pure enjoyment.

The lower floor was filled with people anticipating a pleasant night. If i must comment as a social spectator, it was actually quite a bourgeois affair (aka people trying to be all hosh posh). Why did this image come into mind? As the gentle piano caressed the wide marble floored halls, the brows of narcissistic women were raised and there was gliding of sombre foot steps. I actually didn’t mind this tranquil yet facade like atmosphere but just thought it was hilarious when the crowd transformed from swans to a swarm of hungry elephants when the canapés were served. We eyed a delicate looking breadstick wrapped in proscuitto, and the waiter even saved one for us stating “Do leave that one for the girls”, however the malicious old ladies had no mercy and took every last bread stick…

My favourite pick, i like the expression on his face because it makes me wonder what he is staring at. The rawness of the photo attracts my attention and the lifesaver’s hat definitely adds an extra touch to the colour palette.

The man here is the photographer of the photo behind, which was one of the winning ones.

All eyes of prey leered at these little babies for the whole night.. Tuscan canapés were being served. We found most of them a little too salty yet flavoursome. Which i do prefer rather than blandness.

Sorry for the blurriness, I think something was happening at the time and I couldn't give my full attention to the photo. However you can still see how stunning Pia Anderson it was a lovely surprise to see her around.

The lovely Pia Anderson, she was a model in one of the finalist’s portrait. She definitely added a vibrance and sweetness to the photograph.

Finished the night off with a bit of sweetness! Overall we had a fun night, admiring the photos, eating several canapes, shopping, talking, drinking, and enjoying each others company.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Alvina wears:

Lucia floral blouse
Teenie Weenie polo shirt
Vintage cardigan
MNG shorts
MNG belt
Vanghad heels
Oggi Domani satchel
MUSE bow band
Vintage ring 

Anna wears:

Marcs shirt
Alannah Hill cardigan
French Connection skirt
Louboutin heels
Vintage Oroton bag
Diva ring

The weather was dam fine that day, again i must state how much of a poo fly i must of been in my past life. Lately i’ve been attracted to a mash up of bright colours & hearty prints or patterns. Most likely because the evil winter has fled (finally!) and my body must rejoice in vivd styles =)

I LOVE the contasting navy collar on this shirt! The only downside would probably be the sheerness, as i’m not a huge fan of see-through clothing. But then the gold buttons were just too pretty to pass on, so I caved haha.

The sun beams even into our pictures..It was the ideal day to go on a romantic date with my bf (best friend lol..). The trees swished and talked to us in a secret language whilst the birds tweeted twiddly dee! (said in joyous tone indeed lol). 

This park is such a nice place to take photos. Or even just to sit and talk. The scenery is beautiful, and the atmosphere is so peaceful.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alvina's purchases # 10, 11, 12

So it’s that time of the month where i update on our challenge of only buying 25 items in a year. Wow, i am up to only my 12th purchase excluding accessories! From impulsive and obsessive i have truly learned to purchase things that make me go oOOOoOOooOOooOooo =). 

Vintage floral sheer shirt

Loving the sheerness with the mysterious blue colour. The little gold buttons add an extra touch but this photo is bad quality so you can’t see it. But can’t wait to pair it with little black dresses/over swimsuits/fine cut cropped tops & skirts ~ 

Metallicus woven top
I loved the texture and large pockets of this garment when i laid my eyes on it. I’m gonna pair this with cropped tight red jackets and stiff white blouses for preppy looks. This can be worn as a top or a (very) short dress so, black leather pants would really suit with this too.

Forever New high waist shorts

I was actually on the search for perfect suede tan shorts. This quest went on for one whole year and a half, so i gave up and settled for these polyester ones. Although it wasn’t suede i have not regretted it one bit because it goes with every top i have. Also loving the hippy look these shorts can bring with floral blouses. 


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