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Melbourne Day One - 07/11/10

Here we are on a 6.40am flight to Melbourne!

Started off with Macca’s breakfast near our hotel

Then we went exploring and came across these alleyways with nice cafes and shops

 At a tram stop on Collins St, on our way to St Kilda. The day was pretty cold and windy.

  One of the stores we went into. It had a lot of interesting ethnic things.

 Another store we came across after getting off at the wrong tram stop. It sold vintage and retro clothing.

 Back to the city, on Bourke St, which seems like the equivalent to Pitt St in Sydney, we saw this man acting like a statue.

 The entrance to The Pancake Parlour where we had lunch

Mexican Chicken Crepes $24.80; Sauteed chicken with mild chilli and classic Mexican ingredients rolled in crepes. Served with shredded lettuce and our home style taco sauce, “hot” jalapeno peppers and sour cream on the side.
This was nice but nothing extraordinary. The price is a bit high for the size of the meal, and is similar to the Mexican crepe from Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney, however PONR tastes slightly better.

Tabriz $19.90; Delicate French crepes rolled around ground beef cooked in red wine with herbs, bacons, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and other delights served with a side salad.
The Tabriz is supposedly world famous, yet did not quite meet that standard. It was still nice, but a bit salty.

Lemonade $3.90; and freshly squeezed Orange Juice $4.90

Alice In Wonderland $14.20; Two buttermilk pancakes topped with ice-cream, lashings of home-made hot chocolate fudge sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.
Not suprisingly pancakes must be their specialty, as these saved the meal. They were refreshing and a nice finish to the crepes.

To pay them a visit, the one we went to:
The Pancake Parlour Restaurant
Centrepoint Arcade,
Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne.
(Down the escalators, between
Sportsgirl & Jetty Surf)
Phone: (03) 9654 1893

Trading hours:
Open 7am every day
Sunday - Thursday til 10pm
Friday & Saturday til midnight

 After lunch, we wandered around some more. Inside Alannah Hill.

 There are a lot of graffiti on the walls around Melbourne

Back on Bourke St

Getting ready in the hotel

 MARY POPPINS!! Highly highly recommended! It was sweet, funny, touching, and just puts you in a feel good mood for the rest of the night~

After the musical. Melbourne has yellow cabs!

This seemed to be the Chinatown of Melbourne, or maybe just Asiatown.

One of the HOTTEST venues in Aus according to the bouncer ;p

It had about six levels, with clothing, resturant, cafe, and the best of all - the rooftop bar!

 I guess the neverending stairs were worth the view !

 These pictures cannot justify just HOW NICE it is up there but highly recommended. It had a nice tahiti like feel with neon lights and chill out music!

Oh, the place is called Cookie by the way. We had it down for one of the places to visit yet came across it randomly rather than setting out to find it, so can’t really remember the address. But definitely worth a visit!

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