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Blast from the Past - 16/12/10

 Just letting you know that red socks are known to be good luck  =)

Red Ankle Socks from HAPPY SOCKS

Mng dress, Gorman cardigan, Zu boots, Mimco bag, So Good bracelet
 Before we let you know what we thought of the food, we should probably make mention that we frequented Cafe De Macau back in 2008. To return in 2010 meant that we had high hopes from our fond memories a couple of years ago.

 We both ordered the Set Menu which is $17.50 each and consists of an entree, main, and dessert. There are various options with each course, and from what we remembered in 2008, the entree and mains were quite good.

 We both chose Scallop Morney, individually these cost $2.20 where the min. order is 4.

It is the saviour/breadwinner of the whole place.

The taste has not changed from 2 years ago, and was really the main reason for us going there so often.

Prawns with garlic and butter sauce
 This had been another favourite of mine from way back when, so I ordered it again expecting the same taste to be there. But this time around, the flavour combination just didn’t seem to work, which is surprising, since garlic and butter are just meant to be. Perhaps there was too much garlic and not enough butter. Whatever it is, it didn’t help the fact that the prawns were overcooked, and the delicous garlic-y sauce that had oozed out onto the base of the rice in previous occasions, was nowhere to be found.

Grilled teriyaki chicken
When we had gone to this place 2 years ago, the grilled taste harmonised perfectly with the sweet saucy texture. However it saddens me to say that this time around it tasted like duck not chicken, which I personally HATE the taste of. The “chicken” was overcooked however surprisingly the boiled carrots were edible.
Sago with grass jelly
  It was a tad bland however with some insertion of sugar, it was much better.

Passionfruit cheese cake
I have many words to express my pain about the “passionfruit cheese cake” but I will only say one word.

I on the other hand, will use the many words to describe the taste. I personally am not a fan of cheese cake in the first place, and this has only strengthened my opinion. The cake tasted a bit off, hence after one bite we both felt like it’d be deadly if we continued. It was almost on the same level as the French onion soup from Madame Sou Sou, although that was a whole different playing field.

The ice cream was nice though.
 Sadly finished with two bites but finished the icecream in order to forget the taste.

 I honestly don’t know who would want to go here after reading these comments, but as with all our posts, details are below.

Cafe De Macau
1 Trelawney St
Eastwood NSW
Phone: (02) 9858 1366

Trading Hours
Mon-Sun: 10am-9.30pm

“I am available” says Anna (in a husky voice)
 Anna does not say this at all

Gorgeous Geisha Tea from T2 had a lovely scent, was a pleasure to sip~

We know lately we’ve been having bad experiences with eating out, and it’s giving Sydney a bad rep since so far Melbourne has been the only place to offer us really good food, but we’re determined to change that and really seek out the best places in our city, so we can finally be proud to recommend them to you.

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