Friday, January 7, 2011

Dessert Delight - 11/12/10

We headed to Balmain for the day to try Adriano Zumbo’s famous desserts!
 Our hungry tummies directed us to a cafe for some lunch~
 The atmosphere was peaceful but something about the sticky tables and ultra bubbly warm tap water was quite unappealing.

Special of the Day, Prawn & Avocado Baguette $10.80

Quite a disappointment, this is a nice peaceful place to perhaps have a bit of coffee and tea but definitely would not come back for food. The combination of half cooked prawns (not very juicy) and milky tangy texture of mayonnaise made me quite certain that it was used to hide the lack of flavour in the prawns. 

Something about the sticky mayonnaise, the sticky table and bubbly warm tap water was all starting to make me feel sick.
Eggs Benedict $13.80, with english spinach extra $3.20; poached eggs, ham OR smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce on toasted turkish
 This was pretty average, with not much going on flavour wise. Would have been better with some spinach or avocado, but the extra $3.20 for something that should have been there already, was a bit of a let down.

Circle Cafe
344 Darling St
Balmain NSW
Phone: (02) 9555 9755

Trading Hours
7am-4pm (kitchen closes at 3)
Thu, Fri, Sat nights: 6.30-11pm
After we bought some Zumbo goodies, we headed to a park to devour them!

Not quite sure of the names but the mango one was $9 and the raspberry $8
Macarons are $2 each

We both got the Passionfruit & Basil ones
Adriano Zumbo Pâtisserie
296 Darling St
Balmain NSW 2040
Phone: (02) 9810 7318

Trading Hours
Mon-Sat: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 8am-5pm

 Every Saturday the Balmain markets open where they have quite a lot of vintage things, along with new stuff too.

And to finish here’s a little game we made!

With this one it just came out small! I accidently re-edited it! I guess it makes the game harder puhahaha

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