Sunday, January 30, 2011


We have decided to give ourselves a bit of a challenge for 2011. In an attempt to save money and buy fewer but better quality items, we are allowing ourselves to only buy 25 items for the whole year. This doesn't include all the small things like accessories, socks, underwear etc., but things like clothes, bags, shoes. Hopefully this blog will help us stick to it, as we will be posting things we buy to keep count!

Source: tumblr

Source: tumblr
 No more excessive spending!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

NYE - 31/12/10

Tony Bianco heels, Nine West bag, Country Road vest

Miss Shop dress, Mimco bag + ring, Forever New headband, Oroton flats

We had a quick dinner at Newtown Thai II

We weren't that hungry so just ordered one dish and shared.
Chicken Pad See Eiw $8.90; stir fried rice noodles with egg, Chinese broccoli, and chicken
I thought this was delicious and quite filling even though we were sharing. The price is decent and the size is generous. The other dishes were just as nice, so overall a really pleasant experience. Highly highly recommended if you're after something cheap, yum, and satisfying!

A good old pad see eiw! It was just the right softness whilst maintaing a grilled taste it was just perfect =)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merry Christmas - 24/12/10

Kookai green dress, Chica Booti top, Dotti belt, Sportsgirl skirt, Oroton bag, Mimco bracelet, Nine West heels

Wittner Pumps, Temt Dress, Country Road Patent Black Bag

 Wittner Pumps on sale from $200 to $30 ! =)

 For our christmas special, we headed to Kings Cross to bask in all its seedy glory

 Heard that this place was based off the garden of Fantastic Mr Fox it was sure nice.

 I’m not crying! I’m just in despair cause the food is still not out.

But then, TA DA!
Alaskan crab $25, tossed with angel hair pasta, rocket, garlic & chilli
 Overall, a slight disappointment. The dish was quite oily, and the pasta was very buttery. As a whole, it was bland, and I felt like I was just eating pasta the whole time, because it took over all the other flavours on the plate. I feel like the crab, rocket, etc, were hardly present.
Shoestring fries $8
 This was quite nice, and the serving size was just right, if not more than enough.

Love french fries so was crunchy and delicious =D

Sweet potato gnocchi $24, with mushrooms, Johnny love bites & marjoram nut butter
 I was looking forward to the chewy but soft gnocchi taste however this place it was a tad undercooked so it was too mushy for my liking =(. The sweet potato i felt clashed with the cheese but it was not too bad.
Toasted ciabatta $4
 I loved this! But then again my taste is pretty simple and I just like bread & butter in general. But this was extra special because the butter was very tasty.

What Anna said =D

Double chocolate brownie $13, with fairy floss & ice cream
 Interesting combination. It works, but then the only thing you can taste is the brownie and ice cream, which in general would taste nice just about any where you go. The fairy floss is very light, so the taste is barely there. Still, quite nice, and recommended.

I felt without the icecream it would of been too sweet, there was not enough of it but it was a nice extra touch the fairy floss as it was light but anymore and it would of been TOO sugary. There wasn’t any element to counteract the over powering sweetness but it was still tasty so that is all !

 Gazebo Wine Garden
2 Elizabeth Bay Rd
Elizabeth Bay 2011 NSW
Phone: (02) 9357 5333

Trading Hours
Mon-Fri: 3pm-midnight
Weekends: noon-midnight

 The christmas tree lights match our outfits ~

 Seemed like a burlesque place ooOh Lah Lah!
 This was a very mysterious building indeed

 Some of these places had the funniest names.
Anyway, amidst all the chaos, Merry Christmas everyone ~


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