Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Smart Chic

Another Shop acid washed jeans
Valleygirl blazer
BWN white blouse
Mum’s vintage boots
Oggi Domani satchel
General Pants scarf

Kookai leather jacket
Levi grey tee
French Connection skirt
Alannah Hill necklace
Vintage Oroton bag
Roberto del Carlo suede boots

I have no idea why my legs are tilting so much, it's almost as if I'm on stilts or something..

The leather jacket and grey tee actually happen to be my tenth and eleventh purchases for the year, meaning I have 14 left, but I have been too lazy to take photos and upload them.. Either way I'm pretty pleased with the jacket because I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for about two years, and I feel as if this won't let me down. The grey tee is actually quite long, almost the length of a dress, and has a pocket on one side, which means it will be a summer staple! Haha actually I'm not quite sure how that makes it qualify for summer wear but I know I will be wearing it a lot when it gets warmer.

These are my favourite pair of boots, they are really comfy and go with just about every outfit you can think of =D. They are that much more special to me because I have grown up with them from adolescence, to what i believe now to be adulthood.

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