Monday, August 8, 2011

Sushi galore

I looooooove sushi so it's difficult for me to say anything bad about sushi train style restaurants. Sushi Hotaru is no exception, the food and atmosphere is really good, and you’re bound to enjoy the visit. The service is quick, especially the orders made through the touch screen right next to our table. They literally come out within 30 seconds of ordering! The other plus side is that all the dishes (except sashimi of course) are $3, which means…..I ate to my heart’s content.

I was quite fond of the futuristic decor as it definitely matched the efficiency of it’s service.


Grilled salmon is my ABSOLUTE favourite wherever I go, so I was pleased to see it there and I think I ended up having about 3 plates of it!

Salmon & Avocado Roll

A little twist to the grilled salmon… spicy grilled salmon! It’s not too different to the original, but there is an added kick in the after taste. I’m a creature of habit so I have to say I prefer the original as it captures the classic flavour of salmon hehe :)

Fan of cheese? Despite being initially anxious to fuse sushi with what i normally consumed on pizza or sandwiches, IT WORKED =) for me anyway. It will vary for everyone, but i thought the cheese added a cream taste, complimenting the salmon and the cucumber definitely ensured it didn’t get too greasy.

This was quite interesting..I think it was half grilled salmon & half grilled scallop. But ultimately as they are both grilled, it just tastes like the grilled salmon dish. Haha I feel like i’ve just been mentioning grilled salmon in every sentence. Just shows that’s how much I love it!

Teriyaki chicken & Avocado Roll
Lovely balance of tender and crispness. Quite a clever marketing ploy with the crispy thing on top, which i still do not have any idea what it is, but it sure added an enjoyable texture. 

Fried prawn

Blueberry yoghurt
Okay so dessert should be a no go zone in this place if it’s going to be from the wheel, it tasted too sour & warm. It appeared to me that it was purely there just for the sake of a dessert option on the menu. 

Sushi Hotaru
Shop RP1/ 500 George Street
Sydney, 2000
Phone: (02) 9262 9917

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