Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Brightly coloured food always seem to excite the tastebuds because visually they're already delicious in our minds. These cocktails were no exception and we were eager to have a sip as soon as they hit the table. These pretty, harmless looking drinks are actually stronger than they look, and the glass holds a lot more than we expected. All in all, they started a desire to try the rest of the cocktails on the menu!

Illusion $13; vodka, orange liquer, midori
 DELICIOUS! An easy way to explain the taste is that it tastes like the ice block Splice. If you like that, you're bound to like this. I don't like anything with an overwhelming taste of alcohol, and this is perfect in that respect because the other flavours really work well together. I could do with some Splice right about now yummm.

Sex on the beach $13; vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple, cranberry
 One of my favourite cocktails, it does not fail to induce an image of a tropical island getaway into my head. I thought it normally had a salty aftertaste to imitate sand but today’s one seemed to lack it. Still pleasant though =) 

Bruschetta $6; tomatoes, red onion, basil and balsamic
I was quite disappointed because i was expecting that zesty peppery olive oil flavour which was absent. Just felt like diced tomatoes on top of plain bread. 

Assorted dips served with turkish bread $11

 Hmmm....all I can think of to say about this was that the bread was nice.... I think maybe the mains would be a safer choice here because the sides/entrees weren't all that great. The dips reminded me of the ones from the Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne when we went there last November. Even then we had our favourite and would only eat the one dip, and again the same thing happened here with the yellow one being our fav (forgot what it was, the brownish red one is olive although at first we thought it was going to be liver flavoured).

World Square
Upper Ground Level, Shop 17-18
123 Liverpool Street 
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 3661

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