Monday, August 22, 2011

Attention to detail

We have always thought accessories were pretty important in finishing off an outfit as they can add so much more to an otherwise plain look. Sparkly jewelry, print scarves, statement belts, sunnies, fancy hats....the options are endless! Once summer arrives we'll probably be embracing the art of accessorizing since it'll be too hot to layer up in clothes. Until then we'll be enjoying the last few weeks of colder weather by adding excessive amounts of layers in an attempt to keep warm amidst the wind and rain.

Kookai leather jacket
Marcs shirt
Marcs skirt
Miu Miu bracelet
Zu flats
Oroton vintage bag

Cue jacket
Rodney Clarke shirt
Pink sweater from Korea
Temt shorts
Therapy ankle boots
Forever New bag

I look pretty black and white here, but the skirt is actually navy/ivory. I guess the addition of so many black items made it seem more black than it actually is. Either way it’s stripey and a standout and I loveee it!

 I have to say I’m sorta in love with this bracelet as well. Went in to get the purple one because quite frankly I thought that was the only option, but after hearing it was sold out I just jumped at the next alternative, which happened to be this one….and now I just love it more :)

The weather was too fickle lately and as it just could not make up it’s mind i mounted myself in ambiguous layers of clothing. Dedicated to my dessert chamber in my happy belly, this outfit was inspired from colours from dessert, ice cream, peaches, candy & toffee.

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StaceyKo said...

wow! love both outfits!!

like ur blog,girls!follow each other?


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