Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anna's purchases 13, 14 & 15

I've been buying a fair bit lately, but then again there's only a few months left of the year so it seems somewhat justified, since I still have a lot left to reach 25. Maybe 25 items in one year isn't a difficult target... The restriction, however, has definitely made me think twice before buying each item, so overall I can't say this little challenge we gave ourselves was all in vain.


A clean silk shirt. Perfect for pairing with...just about anything! I originally wanted to buy the orange one for more of a bold statement, but found it washed me out since I'm quite pale :( I envy girls with beautiful tan skin who can pull off bright, shocking colours with ease. Anyway for now I'll just have to mainly stick to neutrals and not-so-bright colours. Also the shirt is darker in real life, so more of a camel colour, rather than the almost ivory tone in the photo.


A handy dandy navy blazer (emphasis on the navy, as the photo looks black). It's good for the transitional stage going into spring, because it's cropped and has shorter sleeves, making it just right for the in between temperatures that we've been having lately - warm (almost hot!) during the day but so cold at night. The downside to this up-and-down weather is the higher chance of catching a cold, which means....I too have fallen victim because I didn't want to feel all sweaty during the day so just endured the colder evenings by not dressing warmly enough.

I'm so glad I came across this playsuit. I've always been a bit on the fence with playsuits because, although they look really good when worn right, I just somehow felt I wouldn't be able to pull it off. Same goes for maxi dresses (which is also something I'm trying to break into). But after seeing it I didn't hesitate to try it on, and after trying it on, I didn't hesitate to buy it. I realised it's just so easy to wear, and has a different charm to dresses. Plus I love how it's plain and simple so it's more versatile and I can wear it with different things in different ways. Now just need to find a maxi I feel the same way about!


inmyhansonshirt said...

That is a really interesting challenge. I think it's a great one though! It definitely makes you think about each item you purchase instead of just buying anything you think is cute. These look like beautiful pieces. Excellent choices!


Jade said...

Oh my god I want that playsuit! I may have to go check out Dotti next time I'm there xx


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