Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shades of blue

Jay Jays blue top
Vintage fur vest
Ruffle top given by mother
Forcast highwaist skirt
De Lourve heels 

Dotti playsuit
Marcs jacket
Zu boots
French Connection hat
Alannah Hill necklace

So originally i preferred to take off the gold layer of skirt but it would of just been WAY too short. If you saw my previous outfit, this is quite a turnover in terms of maturity level. But WHO CARES? I believe there is no such thing as “dressing your age” (disclaimer: tweens in g-strings, grannys/grandpas in g-strings…you get the gist..)

Fashion is a freedom of expression & freedom itself. One day i’m a short asian chick, next day i’m a hippy…There is nothing wrong with being different every time, despite the hatred against people who don’t have a “backbone”. Just have some fun while we are on this earth… 

I have suddenly developed a new desire for hats. In all shapes and sizes. But mainly in the form of a fedora lol. When I saw this hat I wasn’t sure what kind it was, but it appealed to me. Plus the navy colour gives off a somewhat vintage feel. This might be a passing phase I’m going through, but for the moment I really want to enjoy my love for hats and wear them as much as possible.

I always admired the soft hues of the clothing of certain dolls. Obviously i was not a very bright child, attempting to force myself into dolly clothing =D 

Here’s my little red playsuit in action. Still felt slightly uncomfortable wearing it, but I’m sure I just need a little getting used to. It came with the belt so automatically I thought of pairing it with my brown ankle boots rather than my black suede ones, to add extra visual appeal. Although suede would probably go better with the outfit. For some reason that’s my mentality these days. Suede = perfection. It can do no wrong. All Most suede shoes immediately get my approval. I’m sure this little phase will pass too.


J'Adore Fashion said...

Love the red playsuit!


lapetiteblonde said...

hi!!thanks for your comment on my blog!!=)
love your hat!!
kisses and follow you!!


Christine Yun said...

loving the red romper with the boots! Great outfit.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

These outfits are absolutely ADORABLE!!

Joandy said...

you both are cute and adorable, love the red playsuit!!

Femme Virtue said...

love ur red playsuit! so pretty!

uneternite said...

Who cares what others say? Love your hippie look!

JustPatience said...

Love them both and the layering.

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Musa said...

Thanx for your comment ^^

mashi said...

Love the red Dotti playsuit. Don't be shy on the red, it works with the navy blazer xx

wait until the sunset said...

super cute! I love the ruffles! :)


riotersbloc said...

I love your red and navy outfit! It's super cute. The hat just makes it :D

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for stopping by my blog!
You both look adorable.love how you both have your own unique style.the cute White frilly dress is girly and feminine and the plaudits with that hat has a cool indie vibe! Love your guys style x
You have a new follower,hope your having a wonderful week x

Kayleigh said...

... Sorry I meant playsuit! :D god knows what plaudits is :D

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

You two look great in these fun layered looks! I like how the photos and commentary go back and forth between you in the blog post...awesome idea for a shared blog!

second vogue said...



lola said...

thank you for your lovely comment! your orange playsuit is adorable, i would absolutely like to wear it, too :)

love, lola

Rosa Pel said...

i love your style nice blog

Lilith said...

Love both looks, but really adore that outfit in red!



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