Sunday, September 4, 2011


Although these photo's don't really reflect the start of spring, it was raining pretty heavily this day and we couldn't help but layer up. Thankfully we could brave the cold, wind and rain without too much trouble, but we could still feel the strong presence of winter before it said its last goodbye.

MUSE bow band
Chica booti top
Everlast hoodie
GAP jumper
Shorts from Korea
Hunter gumboots

Dotti knit
Lee hoodie
Subtitled jacket
Miu Miu bracelet
Zu boots
Marcs pants
Mimco bag

After giving up on my search for the perfect mustard knit cardigan, I came across this jumper from Dotti. It didn't really strike me as something I had to have, and I questioned whether I should use up one of my purchases on it, but to satisfy my craving for something of a mustard colour, I caved. I didn't even try it on before I bought it and when I put it on, it was a bit longer than I thought (in between a top and a dress - more of a tunic length), but i'll probably keep wearing it into spring, so time to get some inspiration on what to pair it with. Oh, and to make it clear, it's my 12th purchase so I have 13 left!

Once again, red & blue are part of my outfit. I think i have not entirely grown up yet, with hefty jealousy for Alice and her adventures, the kids from “The faraway tree”, my desire for a fairy tale adventure still lies within me today.


Julia said...

Really nice pics and I'm glad that you've got your Rubber Wellingtons on, you always look so dishy when you wear your Wellingtons.

inmyhansonshirt said...

I love both of these outfits! They're casual but stylish. Great uses of colour and that bow is awesome! :D

Dewanti Primayani said...

what a cute headpiece <3
mind to check out my blog? and maybe we can follow each other, I'd be so happy if you would :)

Joie de Vivre

amy leah said...

i adore these looks, and i'm coveting that bow!! i found your blog through your friend "tell yourself to be myself." feel free to check out my blog! i'm following yours : )

amy leah
the coquetiquette

Anete said...

Diferent looks like usual but i like it! :)
Maybe we can follow to each other?

Sandy Ltz said...

very cute, chic combo,the boots are trendy ! ♥


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