Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monkey-ing around

After dinner we headed to a dessert place that had just opened up, but then didn't really feel like any of the options, so headed to a bar instead for some cocktails. We were greeted by this cosy space!

The interior was gorgeous, there was definitely a mystical and oriental element in the air, and we loved the fact that it was empty. I strongly recommend going to a bar on a Sunday night, because if you are not stinking rich already (as most of you are) it is quite a bit of fun speculating…As Anna and I entered, I chicly uttered "Yeah, I hired the whole place tonight.."

Didn’t even know Alvina took this photo! And there’s our “personal” bartender working his magic. "Personal", because, well..he was only serving us (ignore the fact that there was no one else there for a good 20 minutes!).

Cosmopolitan; a style conscious mix of Smirnoff No. 21 and triple sec fused with the fresh flavours of cranberry juice and lime $12

It was quite pleasant but personally, compared to other cosmos i’ve had, this one lacked the refreshing kick down the throat. But it did the job of creating some atmosphere.

The Kremlin; an imperial combination of Smirnoff No. 21, the original Russian vodka, shaken with vanilla, pineapple juice and fresh lime… delectable! $12

I went with the bartender’s recommendation on this one…and as Alvina puts it, you can never trust a guy’s opinion on drinks. It was okay, definitely drinkable, but there were a few other options that I was leaning towards, but his suggestion coupled with the “delectable” (none of the other drinks had it!!), I caved. Also, when it came out I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t very visually stimulating… especially after seeing Alvina’s beautiful corally-red one come out.

Chatswood Monkey Bar
53 Orchard Rd
Phone: (02) 9413 1755

Trading hours
Mon-Sat 10am-3am
Sun 10am-Midnight


The Annachrist said...

OOooh all the lamps are so cool! Such ambiance!

inmyhansonshirt said...

This place definitely looks like it has a great vibe! It's cozy but cool!

ChiChi81 said...

The place looks so lovely, the lanterns sold the place to me lol. Love the relaxed ambiance of the bar (probably since it was still empty) but I like it when you have the place to yourselves. Also, the artwork on the first photo was just beautiful, I love it.


A Single Girl's Musings

Lidiya said...

The bar looks fabulous <3

vnikali said...

a drink never hurts :D
love the bar!

Michelle's Style File said...

Looks like a fabulous restaurant!



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