Thursday, September 15, 2011


Crispy tempura fish and chips; with salad, tartare sauce and grilled lemon 19.95

I was hungry…again, so I’m not sure if I’m being biased, but it was very tasty. The tartare sauce was just right, the salad was zesty, and the chips were plain crispy goodness. In general I’m a lover of seafood, so in my eyes fish & chips can do no wrong, well hardly ever anyway.

Mixed mushroom risotto; with parmesan cheese 18.95

I had a little taste of Alvina’s risotto, and I have to say it was also quite delicious. A bit salty, but nonetheless tasty.

The risotto at it’s first bite bursted with a tangy mushroom flavour. As the sauce accumulated in my mouth however, it started getting a little salty. I did hear that consuming too much salty food induces people to become aggressive & impatient. I was worried as i am a lover of overly flavoured food… I will try to stop from now… Overall it was a tad salty but i was glad the mushroom was not too overpowering as i experienced from other places. 

Our delicious squashed cupcakes lol


inmyhansonshirt said...

Yum! All of this food looks delicious! I am definitely hungry now!

Miss Independent said...

ooh, i wanna eat those cupcakes!!!

Sara said...

ahh all this food is making me hungry! it looks really good!


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