Saturday, April 23, 2011


Bardot tee
Bardot belt
Sportsgirl skirt
Louboutin shoes
LV bag
Mimco wristlet
Bardot blazer

Tony Bianco heels
Unknown Floral Dress from childhood
Sportsgirl lace headband
Temt lace jacket
Temt belt
Cuff bought from some store in Melbourne
Genie lamp necklace from markets  

Okay so the lace and floral is quite common but bright electric blue and green strike me as a hit with black lace and black suede heels, which were kindly given to me by Anna for my 21st present, which I am thankful for as they are just gorgeous !

The floral dress i actually wore since i was in primary school as a night gown to this very day when i thought it actually made a decent dress. We go way back, some things are just right in front of you =)

Wearing black hasn’t always been so commonplace for me. For a long time I was suffering from what I would call “Pink Syndrome”, where every outfit had to have some sort of pink in it. Oh dear, looking back on it it was quite embarrassing the lengths I would go to to show my love for the colour. But gradually I grew out of it and started wearing more colours. But never black. Well not never, but rarely would I wear it. Nowadays I can hardly live without it. I have realised that black just makes everything look pulled together and more sophisticated/classic. Haha I still love colours though. Don’t think that would ever go away!

They say simplicity is the hardest art to pull, but i do truly think that complicated on complicated is not too bad either.

Wearing a fair bit of Bardot this day. Didn’t really realise at the time though. I don’t usually like wearing head to toe of the same brand, but when I chuck things on without really thinking about it, these things happen..

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