Sunday, April 17, 2011

Out at sea

The title doesn't really have anything to do with the post, apart from a couple of photos with water in them haha. But the phrase just alludes to the feeling of freedom and adventure, and makes us want to embark on a journey (HSC English much), with not a care in the world!

Lulu & Rose dress
Chica Booti cardigan
Mimco ring
Mimco bag
Sambag flats
Portmans necklace
Folli Follie charm wristlet
Bardot belt
Nails are Ulta3 Hollywood

It was such a nice day, so felt like warm soft colours, camel, brown, teal and grey.

The dress is so short! It was one of those things where it looked perfectly fine in the fitting room, but then I bring it home and it just magically went shorter or something. But I mainly fell in love with the colour and just somehow thought it would be a perfect match with electric blue heels. And even as I thought this thought I knew I wouldn’t own such a pair in the new future so made a substitute with the shiny blue nails! Still haven’t withdrawn my original idea that peach & blue make a good pair.

Stellino leather cuffed sheer blouse
Mother’s vintage ankle boots
Sportsgirl woollen socks
Nuu + Naan fur vest
Litmus denim shorts

Forever New bag

After combining leopard print with red previously, my love for the animal print has not subsided. I bought this belt when I bought the leopard print dress, mainly to add to the amount to receive free shipping =D But it has actually been serving me well. In the past couple of weeks i’ve worn it about 4 times, and that for me is regular usage.

Raided Dear Mother’s closet once more and scooped some vintage ankle boots =)

The ring was such a proud purchase of mine, thinking it added some sort of space vibe or extraterrestrial effect, but after a couple of times wearing it, some people have decided to name it a sink-plug -_- Haha I suppose it isn’t completely untrue, but now it no longer has the space dome appearance for me as it originally had. I still love it though.

This may sound weird but I enjoy the look of being warm and chilled at the same time. Thus the furry vest warming the chilled sheerness of the camel blouse. Complementing that is the exposure of my leg and the woolly socks.

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