Wednesday, April 6, 2011

seeing red

It was a complete coincidence that we were both wearing red and knee high socks. But we love bright colours, especially red, so it didn't really come as a surprise. It was more of a "we know each other too well" moment =)

Anyway, the weather has finally decided to get colder, almost cold enough for chunky knits and warm sweaters. This just makes us even more excited for Winter, as we're both lovers of layering up and living under a bundle of clothes!

♡ Calvin Klein tee
♡ Muse headband
♡ Customised collar
♡ Miss Shop skirt
♡ Stellino cuff
♡ Princess Highway socks
♡ Therapy ankle boots
♡ Burberry handbag

♡ Bardot dress
♡ Alannah Hill cardigan
♡ Target socks
♡ Louboutin heels
♡ Mimco bag

VIP indeed haha

OH..this cat. The cheeky little thing kept teasing us and leading us round in circles when we just wanted to give it a pat. At first we thought it was scared of us...but no, it just wanted to give us a hard time taking a photo, because when it was really scared (when a boy ran towards it), it leapt back into its home.

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