Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring into Autumn

We've been having quite a few days of Spring weather lately here in Sydney, which means less layers and bare legs. But that doesn't mean we understand the people who walk around in just tank tops and shorts. It's a bit cold for that. After all we are in the midst of Autumn!

 I was inspired by a military look, crisp sleeves and cuts, with warm camel and khaki. I found this was a nice combination for autumn~
Stellino leather cuffed sheer shirt
Mother’s vintage jacket
Mother's vintage boots
Revenge horts
Hot Skies belt 

These were taken at my house, hence the appearance of my dogs here and there! I have three but one of them is shy so you can't see him anywhere. The other two are quite friendly! Anyway outfit details:
Gorman shirt
Valleygirl dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes
So Good flower bracelet
Alannah Hill headband

I realised I raid my mother’s wardrobe all the time in search for vintage goods. I succeeded with this khaki jacket and beige boots. The condition is getting VERY old now so i got to be careful.

I’m generally not a very out-there dresser, so this headband doesn’t get enough wear. Not saying it’s outrageous, but it does attract attention when there’s a huge bright bow on your head. For someone who loves colour I sure don’t like the attention that comes with it..

Carrying Bambi and Khunnie on the floor~

Up above are my two dogs! And here is Bambi once again whizzing pass me. She loves to be the centre of attention haha.

These boots are my favourite because they fit my legs perfectly, not too loose not too tight. I love the subtle tone to match with just about everything.

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