Monday, April 11, 2011


 Nice and crispy. A great start to the meal!

Was nice to have a pre snack because i love snacking !

Bombay Aloo $11.90; Potatoes tempered with cumin seeds, aromatic spices, tomatoes and coriander.
I’m not much of a vegetarian, so out of the vegetarian choices we went with this one, cos potatoes are pretty much the only vegetable I can tolerate. This was really nice, almost so that it makes you forget it has no meat in it. There were a lot more options on the menu, and this restaurant seems like a good place for a variety in vegetarian dishes, that are healthy and taste good. I feel like I wrote vegetarian/vegetable about 50 times in this one paragraph!

The seasoning of the potatoes were quite well done with a hint of spiciness for that extra kick, the flavour of the herbs really got through with the right softness of the potatoes making it a perfect blend!

Makhani Dish $15.90; A mild dish cooked in a rich creamy, tomato based sauce with fragrant spices and finished with a drizzle of cream. Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken).
Yummm…can butter chicken ever taste bad? We kinda went for the fail-safe option, which is a good choice for first-timers. Apart from the four measly pieces of chicken, this was delicious and not too extreme for our picky little tastebuds. This is a good dish to have for those who are just being introduced to Indian cuisine (sorta like us since we’ve only really ever had home made butter chicken).

As Anna said above, you just can’t go wrong with butter chicken =) . Although it was indeed four measly pieces of chicken due to the other side dishes this was still very filling and perhaps allowed more focus on the flavour of the soft curry with the jasmine rice, so no major complaints there ~

Pulao $2.90; Steamed long grain basmati Rice. 
 I love jasmine rice, but apparently it’s not good for you. It really can’t be helped though. You just have to get it with curry, they’re the perfect food coupling =) It’s a good idea to get either rice or bread with the curry dishes, and I chose the rice cos i’m pretty much an all round rice lover. Pretty big portion for the price (unlike the Spanish place where it was half the quantity for double the price).

The texture of the rice was perfect to contrast with smooth curry, narrow and tasty!

Cheese Naan $3.90
A perfect alternative to rice, if you prefer bread. The bread is subtle so it doesn’t take over the flavours of the curry, and they taste delicious together. The cheesiness is a little extra flavour if you prefer a mini taste explosion in your mouth haha!

This is just my favourite when it comes to combinations with curry, the cheese just melts in your mouth and adds a chewy dimension when you dip it in the curry just delicious.

Maya Da Dhaba
431 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 8399 3785

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