Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We haven't gone anywhere to eat lately due to lack of funds, which is quite a shame since eating's one of the things we do best. We quite enjoy going to restaurants and then writing our opinions, so hopefully we'll be on track with food related posts soon! But in the meantime we have been diligent with outfit photos so for now that will have to do. Hope everyone had a great long weekend =)

Insight tee
Mother’s vintage dress
Stellino cuff
Scarf hanger I turned into bangle
Mozaic bangle from markets
Siren heels
Epoch wide brimmed hat

Agent ninetynine cardigan
French Kitty shirt
Bardot tee
Miss Shop shorts
Mimco bag
Zu boots
Nails are Ulta3 Tropez

 I just can’t stop myself from venturing into my mother’s closet. Why? I always find a nostalgic vintage look =)

I can't help but love outfits like this, where I wear pink, but in a subtle way so it's not too overboard. My nails, although more of a browny colour, happened to match my outfit this day.

As a child, I was always fond of art. This look reminds me of paintings, drawings, mosaics.

Here's Bambi wanting to be in the photo again =)

Always add a wide brimmed floppy hat for some mystery =)

The top was actually pale pink when I first bought it, but after several washes, has almost turned completely white. Not happy!

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